10 Best Anime like The Misfit of Demon King Academy [RECOMMENDATIONS]

10 Best Anime like The Misfit of Demon King Academy [RECOMMENDATIONS]

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If you’re looking for some anime similar to Misfit Of Demon King Academy then you’ve reached the right place.

The Misfit Of Demon King Academy (Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha: Shijou Saikyou no Maou no Shiso) is an anime that caught the attention of many people while it was during summer 2020. Fans loved the show for its beautiful animation and visuals along with the smugness and unrivaled powers of Anos Voldigord.

There are only a handful of anime that are similar to it and we have picked the best of all of them for you. So here is the list of 10 Anime that are similar to ‘The Misfit of Demon King Academy’:

1.Demon King Daimao

Demon King Daimao anime

Demon King Daimao is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of any anime similar to The Misfit of Demon King Academy. It is adapted from a light novel series by Shotaro Mizuki. The anime adaptation by Artland Studio aired in April 2010 and follows the tale of Akuto Sai, who enters into Constant Academy for Magick Arts and aims to become part of his country’s highest order of magicians and contribute to society as one of its clergies. 

However, his aptitude test results declare his future profession to be Demon lord. he finds himself feared and hated by the entire student population. Now, instead of making comrades and studying for his exam, Akuto finds himself fighting off monsters, bullies, and well-meaning classmates in various states of undress. 

The two anime has a lot in common such as both anime are about a Demon King/ Demon lord who is extremely overpowered compared to the rest of the cast. Also, they find themselves surrounded by a group of beautiful and strong female characters.

2.The Irregular at Magic High School (Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei)

The Irregular at Magic High School anime

Also known as Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, Irregular at Magic Highschool is magical-fantasy anime that is fairly similar to The Misfit of Demon King Academy in terms of setting and characters. It is based on the novel series by Tsutomu Sato and adapted by animation studio MADHOUSE.

The story takes place in an alternative reality, where magic exists and is polished through technology. The story follows siblings Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba, siblings who enroll in First High magic high school. Upon taking the exam, the prodigious Miyuki is placed in the First Course, while Tatsuya is relegated to the Second Course. Although Tatsuya is considered to be magically inept, he actually possesses extraordinary technical knowledge, combat abilities, and unique magic powers, making him the Irregular of the magical Highschool school.

The main characters in both series are highly underestimated by their opponents only to be thrashed and ridiculed by their overwhelming powers and strength.

Also, the two anime takes place at magic schools and students are divided into groups by a discriminatory system and have to wear different uniforms.

3. High School DxD

Highschool DxD

Highschool DxD is one the most popular ecchi, fantasy, harem anime which is known for its engaging plot and of course the Fanservice. The anime adaptation currently consists of five seasons with 12 episodes each.

The story follows, Issei Hyodo, a perverted high school student at Kuou Academy, a once all-female high school filled with gorgeous girls who is killed on his very first date, by a fallen angel. Luckily, the beautiful and busty Rias, his popular classmate who’s actually a demon, revives him under one condition: that he’ll become her servant. Now, Issei finds himself in the middle of a fierce chess game between demons, fallen angels, and exorcists, and the fates of his new friends lie in the balance!

In both the series the main character finds himself surrounded by cute demon female characters. However, unlike Anos, Issei doesn’t start as an overpowered character but gradually becomes one.

4. How not to Summon a Demon Lord

How not to Summon a Demon Lord anime

How not to Summon a Demon Lord is a very popular Isekai anime with an overpowered Demon lord as the lead. It is a light novel series authored by Yukiya Murasaki and adapted into anime by Ajia-do Animation Works. A second season anime by Tezuka Productions is also in the works.

The story centers around Takuma Sakamoto is a fulltime, shut-in gamer who is mysteriously transported to the virtual world of his favourite MMORPG, Cross Reverie, with the appearance of his own character in the game, the Demon Lord Diablo. The two young girls who summoned him, the pantherian Rem and the elf Shera, attempt to use a spell to make Takuma their servant, but due to his magic ring with the ability “Magic Reflection”, the spell rebounds, and both end up with magic collars stuck on their necks, thus becoming his servants instead.

With a serious case of social anxiety, Takuma decides to act like his character while interacting with others, and makes use of his high stats and vast knowledge of Cross Reverie’s lore to survive in his new environment, traveling along with Rem and Shera to look for a way to remove their slave collars while helping them with their own, personal issues that led them to summon him in the first place.

The two anime has a lot in common such as the main characters who are absurdly overpowered and are basically undefeatable, yet the masses refuse to acknowledge them as the Demon Lord. Moreover, they also have a small harem of two attractive girls.

5. One Punch Man

One Punch Man

One Punch man is battle-action, gag-comedy manga based on the web comic created by ONE.

The story takes place in a world where powerful monsters and heroes exist. Saitama, an unassociated hero, hails from City Z and performs heroic deeds for his own enjoyment. He has trained himself to the point of being able to defeat any enemy with a single punch, but his unmatched strength has left him with an overwhelming sense of boredom.

Both anime have insanely overpowered main characters, who on the outside looks very plain and simple. However, their unrivaled strength has made them bored, and are always looking for stronger opponents to fight.

6. Overlord

Overlord anime

Overlord is a novel series by Kugane Maruyama which inspired an anime adaptation by Studio Madhouse which consists of 3 seasons with 13 episodes each.

The story takes place near the future in the year 2138, where virtual reality gaming is booming. Yggdrasil, a popular online game is quietly shut down one day. However, one player named Momonga decides to not log out. Momonga is then transformed into the image of a skeleton as “the most powerful wizard.” The world continues to change, with non-player characters (NPCs) beginning to feel emotion. Having no parents, friends, or place in society, this ordinary young man Momonga then strives to take over the new world the game has become.

Both anime series have main characters who are overpowered beyond one’s imaginations and don’t show any mercy when they mean business. Also, both anime relies on the use of magic as well as physical strength.

7. The Devil is a Part-timer

The Devil is a Part-timer

Devil King Sadao is only one step away from conquering the world when he is beaten by Hero Emilia. While trying to escape the battle scene, he is transported to modern-day Tokyo where he starts a part-time job in a fast-food restaurant.

The Devil is a part-timer is an Isekai series where the Demon Lord from another world finds himself trapped in the human world but still acts like a normal human while he prepares his plan to conquer the world.

The main characters in both series are demon lords with anabsurd amount of power yet they decide to live a simple life surrounded by their friends and loved ones. However, they lose their temper if any harm is done to them.

8. Wiseman’s Grandchild (Kenjo no Mago)

Wiseman's Grandchild (Kenjo no Mago) anime

Wiseman’s Grandchild is a Isekai themed, Japanese light novel series written by Tsuyoshi Yoshioka.

The story begins when a young salaryman who died in an accident was reborn in another world filled with magic and demons. As a baby, he was picked up by the patriot hero “Sage” Merlin Wolford and was given the name Shin. He was raised as a grandson and soaked up Merlin’s teachings, earning him some irresistible powers. However, when Shin became 15, Merlin realized, “I forgot to teach him common sense!”

Wiseman’s Grandchild and The Misfit of Demon King Academy have a lot in common in terms of theme and characters. The main characters are extremely powerful and have a big group of friends. Moreover, the two anime series are animated by the same studio, Silver Links, so you will definitely love this.

9. Death March to parallel world Rapsody

Death March to parallel world Rapsody anime

Based on the novels by Hiro Ainana, 29-year-old programmer Suzuki Ichirou finds himself transported into a fantasy RPG. Within the game, he’s a 15-year-old named Satou. At first, he thinks he’s dreaming, but his experiences seem very real. Due to a powerful ability, he possesses with limited use, he ends up wiping out an army of lizard men and becomes a high leveled adventurer.

Satou decides to hide his level and plans to live peacefully and meet new people. However, developments in the game’s story, such as the return of a demon king, may cause a nuisance to Satou’s plans.

The two series follows the story of powerful main characters and the central theme of the both stories revolves around magical powers and a demon king.

10. World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman

World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman anime

The story is set at a private school that brings together “Saviors” – students who have awakened memories of their past lives as Shirogane or Kuroma. Shirogane uses weapons gleaned with Puraana from their bodies to fight enemies, while Kuroma uses magic by manipulating Maana to banish their foes. Moroha Haimura has just enrolled in the private school and is the first Savior in history who has awakened memories of being both a Shirogane and Kuroma.

The two anime shares a lot in common such as the reincarnation of main characters who are extremely powerful. Also the story takes place in a magic school.

Well that’s all for today. If you any suggestions then please let us know in the comments section.

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