+10 Best Manga & Anime Giantess Characters Of All Time

List of the Best Anime Giantess Characters of all time

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Giants in anime are pretty rare. Particularly anime giantess characters are even more hard to come by. But as with other things in life, there’s always a demand for the rare things. I recently met a few people online who have a fetish for giant anime girls, and that’s when I realized this was actually a thing.

So, I’m creating this post to list some of the best anime giant girls that we’ve ever seen in the anime and manga community. Without any further ado, let’s jump into the listing!

Anime Girls Who Can Transform Into A Giant

Hot anime giantess

Mount Lady is one of the heroes from My Hero Academia. While she hasn’t gotten much screen time, she is really popular in the MHA community. Why? Partly because of her appearance, partly because anime fans are pervs.

So yeah, in a way, she might be the most popular anime giantess of all time.

Annie/Female Titan (Attack On Titan)

Female Titan

Titans are the last thing that came to my mind when I was thinking about anime giants. Because, having watched the anime and getting too used to them. I completely ignored this series until I saw Attack on Titan characters in google search results when I was searching for anime giantess characters.

As of now the only Female Giant in the series is Annie, a.k.a the Female Titan. Of course, there’s the (ex)warhammer titan, but we can’t call that a female titan as she (the user) was only remotely controlling it. Not to mention it doesn’t have the appearance of a female.

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Brandish (Fairy Tail)

Best Anime giantess characters

Brandish is a goth-like girl from Fairy Tail. She’s decently popular in the fandom (particularly because of all the fanservice.) While she is not a giant by birth, she has the ability to increase her height at will. This is evident when she interrupts Gray’s (one of the main character) battle against Invel as a giant.

Klan Klang (Macross Frontier)

Klan Klang (Macross Frontier, Macross FB7 Ore no Uta o Kike!)

Klan is a serious and professional mecha ace pilot in her macronized form (a concept particular to this anime), but as a miclone (human-like form), she resembles a child in both appearance and mannerisms due to a genetic defect.

On the surface, her reason for joining a private military corporation is her family ancestry. Her true intention, however, is to remain by the side of her childhood friend, for whom she has gradually developed feelings.

Nimi Minimi (Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid)

Nimi Minimi - ecchi anime giantess

Nimi is one of the side characters from the anime Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid. She is normally a very honest and somewhat nervous person who has the ability to turn herself into a giant. She can get especially flustered around another girl whom she is in love with. However, when she loses control of her power she becomes a giantess who can destroy things very easily. The only problem she has is that her powers don’t work on her dress. So she’s almost always naked in her giantess form.

Lily Enstomach (One Piece)

Giant anime girls - Lily

One Piece is probably the only anime that has a huge variety of anime giantess characters. This is because in the world of one piece there is a warrior race full of giants. While they aren’t the main focus of the story, it is still refreshing to see the giants at action.

Lily is a tanned giant girl with green hair who is introduced only in the anime. Because she ate the mini-mini devil fruit, she is also capable of becoming a tiny girl (but still strong as a giant).

She is a cheery, cheeky girl who only cares about eating (Pretty much a female version of Luffy when it comes to her gluttonous personality)

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Pure Anime Giantess Characters (Permanently Giants)

Diane (Seven Deadly Sins) – Cutest Anime Giantess

Anime giantess fetish

Diane is one of the pure giantess characters who are born a giant. Although she’s lived longer than any normal human (750 years), she still is one the teen side as a giant.

She is one of the main characters from the anime called Seven Deadly Sins. Diane has a crush on King – a child looking fairy king, who also has mutual affection for her.

Shirahoshi (One Piece) – Mermaid Anime Giantess

anime giant girls - Shirahoshi

Shirahoshi is not just a giant girl. She’s a giant mermaid girl. Although she’s huge and intimidating for normal humans, she has a childish heart. She is very pure and kind hearted, but is also very passive. Passive to the point she let a normal human to abduct her, even though she should’ve had more than enough strength to resist.

She also seems to be one of the key characters in One Piece’s grand plot. It was recently revealed that she’s an incarnation of a “weapon” that could destroy the world.

Matrona (Seven Deadly Sins) – Muscular Anime Giantess

Muscular anime giant girls

Matrona is another Seven Deadly Sins character. She is a side character who is introduced later on in the series as Diane’s mentor. She is also the leader of the giant clan.

What sets Matrona apart from the other giants is her ripped body. She’s the most muscular giant girl in the history of anime.

Dione Nephilim (Monster Girl Doctor)

Dione Nephilim (Monster Girl Doctor)

Dione is one of the side characters from the anime Monster Girl Doctor. She is a female gigas race member who lives atop the Vivre mountains. She’s about ten times the height of an adult human, but she has a gentle and breezy personality.

She normally lives quietly in a cave to avoid frightening the mountain animals, moving so infrequently that moss grows on her body and hair. Her species has an unusually slow metabolism and a long lifespan. Her skin is as tough as tree bark, but all the fat is stored in her large breasts, giving it just the right amount of softness.

Sky Priestess Farine (Dog Days)

Sky Priestess Farine (Dog Days)

Sky Priestess Farine is one of the side characters from the anime Dog Days. She is introduced later on in the series (around episode 10 of 3rd season), and she had a HUGE impact on the audience (pun intended.) All the fans were amazed by how giant she was. While she is giant sized herself, she is also capable of creating miniature avatars of herself.

She has a very mature personality (befitting her role as a priestess.)

Mana Eimiya (Chou Dokyuu Shoujo 4946)

Mana Eimiya (Chou Dokyuu Shoujo 4946)

Mana is a 50 meter tall girl who just wants to have a normal life. However, given her height that is impossible. She is now a Japanese soldier who fights for the government. She is hailed as Humanity’s guardian.

As for why she’s so huge, it is because she is half human, half youkai. When she was a little girl she encountered an accident which almost killed her. However, at that time a Youkai entered her body and made her survive, but at the cost of making her into a giantess.

That’s it! These were some of the best anime giantess characters of all time!! If you liked what you read, consider hitting the bell icon in the bottom right corner to subscribe for post notifications (^^)

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