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Studio Redice is basically the MAPPA of the webtoon industry, a powerhouse studio continuously pumping out some of the best manhwas adaptations and captivating millions of fans around the world. Founded by Dubu, artist of Solo levelling, the studio gained a massive fan following thanks to his stunning and dynamic artwork and just within just a few years the studio has more than two dozen works under thier belt.

From Solo Levelling to Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint, here are the Top 12 best webtoons/ manhwa from Studio Redice:

List of best Redice Studio Manhwa/ Webtoons:

1. Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint webtoon summaryOmniscient Reader's Viewpoint webtoon summary
  • Author and Artist: sing N song, UMI, Studio REDICE, Sleepy-C
  • Status: Ongoing


“Omniscient Reader Viewpoint” is a highly popular manhwa and web novel in Korea, known for its gripping storyline and epic artistic style. The novel was exceedingly popular in the Korean webnovel reader community, exceeding 26 million views, the highest a novel has ever achieved and is still the most-read novel in Korea above the likes of Solo Leveling.

The story follows, Kim Dokja, an average office worker who discovers that the events of his favourite web novel he has been following for a decade, “Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse,” have suddenly become reality.

Using his unique knowledge of the story, Dokja allies with the protagonist of the novel, Yoo Joonghyuk, in an effort to change the course of events to quickly approach the end of the story and bring an end to the apocalypse. As they progress through the scenarios, they face intense threats and challenges, striving to survive and defeat the Spectators who demand their suffering. With breathtaking artwork by Studio REDICE, “Omniscient Reader Viewpoint” is a must-read for fans of thrilling and action-packed storylines.

2. Solo Levelling

Solo leveling manhwa summarySolo leveling manhwa summary
  • Author and Artist: Chugong, Dubu (Redice Studio)
  • Status: Completed

10 years ago, the “GATE” appeared, connecting the human world to the world of monsters. As a result, humans with special powers emerged, tasked with hunting these monsters. The story follows Jinwoo Sung, a weak and ineffective E-rank hunter who struggles to make a living by hunting in the lowest-level dungeons.

However, after narrowly surviving a disastrous raid that nearly wipes out his entire party, he discovers that he has been chosen by a mysterious program called the System, granting him the unique ability to “level up” in strength beyond any known limits. Determined to become stronger and take revenge on the monsters that killed his comrades, Jinwoo sets out on a journey to become the strongest hunter in the world. As he faces off against powerful monsters and uncovers the dark secrets and politics of the hunter world, he also begins to uncover the true source of his powers and the true nature of the “GATE.”

Since its debut “Solo Leveling” has gained a large fanbase and become very popular for several reasons including the detailed and dynamic art style and the unique premise and the world it offers, moreover, the series is also inspiring an anime adaptation by Crunchyroll and A1 Pictures due to debut this year.

3. Nano Machine

NANO MACHINE manga summaryNANO MACHINE manga summary
  • Author and Artist: Han-Joong-Wueol-Ya, Guem-Gang-Bul-Gaem, Studio Redice
  • Status: Ongoing


Martial Arts meets Nanotechnology in the story of Cheon Yeo-Woon. Despite being the illegitimate child of the lord, he still inherits the right to the throne through his father’s bloodline. However, this makes him a target for multiple enemies, including a group of assassins from the Demonic Cult. Just when he is about to die, a descendant from the future saves him by inserting nanomachines into his body. These machines transform Cheon Yeo-Woon, giving him the power to become the greatest martial artist and seek revenge against the cult while fighting for the throne against his other half-siblings.

4. I’m the Max-Level Newbie

I'm the Max-Level Newbie manga summaryI'm the Max-Level Newbie manga summary
  • Author and Artist: Maslow, WAN.Z, Swing Bat, Studio Redice
  • Status: Ongoing


Kang Jinhyeok is a gaming streamer and a hardcore fan of the game “Tower of Trials”. He is the only person to ever clear the game and saw its ending. However, as the game’s popularity declines, it becomes increasingly difficult for him to continue making a living as a content creator. So he decides to end his 11-year-long relationship with the game and end his streaming career. But on that very day, the Tower of Trials turns into reality with a dire message flashing: humanity will perish unless the first floor is cleared within 90 days. Armed with his extensive knowledge of the game, Jinhyeok rises to the challenge and sets out to conquer the Tower of Trials and save the world. It’s time to show the world what a True Pro looks like.

5. The Return of the Disaster-Class Hero

The Return of the Disaster-Class Hero webtoon summaryThe Return of the Disaster-Class Hero webtoon summary
  • Author and Artist: Sanji Jiksong, Lee, Beomgeun, Studio Redice
  • Status: Ongoing


Both mangas have main characters that are incredibly strong, perhaps even the strongest people in the world at their time period. Both suffer a betrayal meant to kill them, and in both cases, the character comes back for revenge. As the stories go on we get information on how the world works and learn more about the magic system.

Out of nowhere unknown monsters called ‘Calamities’ appeared on Earth causing destruction and massacre.  To challenge these calamities, the zodiac gods chose 12 humans known as saints and blessed them with their power. However, another one awoke, the unchosen thirteenth saint, Lee Geon. Despite not being chosen as a saint by any god, he emerged as the most powerful of them all, making him a Hero.

However, while fighting the Crimson Eyes, Lee Geon is betrayed by his own allies and is left to die inside the Tower of Demons. But he continues to fight and after 20 years he emerges out of the tower stronger than ever and is ready to teach his fellow “saints” a lesson they’ll never forget.

6. Overgeared

Overgeared manhwa summaryOvergeared manhwa summary
  • Author and Artist: LEE Dong Wook, Team Argo, Studio Redice
  • Status: Ongoing


Set in near-future Korea, the story follows the journey of Shin Youngwoo, a struggling construction worker desperate to improve his financial situation. Despite playing the VR game “Satisfy” for 2 years, he’s only reached level 84 and spends most of his time on low-level tasks. That all changes when he discovers a powerful item that earns him the legendary class title of “Pagma’s Successor”, making him a skilled blacksmith capable of forging unique weapons and gear. This newfound power grants him the nickname “Overgeared” and sets him on a path towards becoming a top-ranked player. Also, Grid might be the only character in manhwa history to marry an NPC and have children with her. What a true Sigma he is.

“Overgeared” webtoon is praised for its exceptional world-building, character development, and intricate game system. The attention to detail in describing every aspect of the game, from the powers granted to players and NPCs to the weapons, classes, and items, adds depth and richness to the world of “Satisfy”. The webtoon is renowned for its richly imagined world, making it a must-read for fans of MMORPGs.

7. The World After the Fall

The World After the Fall webtoon summaryThe World After the Fall webtoon summary
  • Author and Artist: sing N song, S-Cynan, Undead Potato, Redice Studio
  • Status: Ongoing


The World After the Fall is another series novel written by sing N song, the creative genius behind Korea’s most-read web novel Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint and is by war the most unique regression manhwa I have ever read.

In the story, mysterious towers start appearing around the world, summoning demons and monsters threatening humanity. To fight against them, a group of humans, known as the Walkers, are summoned and given powers to clear the tower. When the walkers reached floor 77, they discovered the Regression Stone which the walkers can use to escape a dangerous situation by returning to the past to the day they were summoned to the tower, with all of their memories intact. However, this places them in another timeline.

As most Walkers choose to leave, a group of brave individuals who refuse to abandon their world form “Carpe Diem.” They choose to fight for the original timeline and hold humanity’s last hope. In the end, only Jaehwan is left, with floor 100 within his reach and all the shocking secrets about the Tower are behind the door.

8. Reaper of the Drifting Moon

Reaper of the Drifting Moon webtoon summaryReaper of the Drifting Moon webtoon summary
  • Author and Artist: Mogin, Woo-Gak, Inkyo
  • Status: Ongoing


Pyo Wol was an orphan with nowhere to call home, wandering the lands until fate led him to a strange encounter with a mysterious figure and lost consciousness. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a dark, confined space with only one iron door for an exit. Wol survives the next several gruelling months, trying to keep a cool head and stay in shape. When the iron door finally opens, he discovers he’s not the only one in this miserable situation. A group of masked people has kidnapped 300 children to train them into human weapons. Wol now must fight and kill the others, as only a handful of the strongest will be selected.

9. Return of the SSS-Class Ranker

Return of the SSS-Class Ranker manhwa summaryReturn of the SSS-Class Ranker manhwa summary
  • Author and Artist: Gald, Hojoon, Pinball, Rooty House
  • Status: Ongoing


Rokan was the ultimate champion, the unrivalled “King of Violence” who dominated the virtual reality game, ‘The Lord’, as a solo player. But his reign was threatened when the members of Ragnarok Guild, led by their leader ODIN, the “King of Creation,” started attacking him.

Each defeat cost Rokan a level, a piece of armour, and ultimately, his title as the King of Violence. He lost everything he had worked so hard to achieve.

But fate had a different plan for Rokan. He woke up to find himself transported three years into the past, just before the game went online.

Fueled by his unwavering determination, Rokan sets out on a quest to reclaim his throne and take on the might of ODIN and the Ragnarok Guild. The virtual world will never be the same as the “King of Violence” rises to reclaim his place at the top.

10. Tomb Raider King

TOMB RAIDER KING webtoon summaryTOMB RAIDER KING webtoon summary
  • Author and Artist:  Yuns, SAN.G, Redice Studio, 3B2S
  • Status: Ongoing


Mysterious God’s tombs appeared all over the world one day, each containing a relic which grants its owner supernatural abilities. Jooheon Suh is a tomb explorer, excavator, and raider whose job is to steal relics from others. However, he is Betrayed by his employer when he is sent on an impossible mission with no help and support. When he’s about to die at the hands of a beast, he hears the sound of a relic talking to him and suddenly finds himself 15 years in the past, before any relics or tombs made their debut. Driven by feelings of revenge, Jooheon uses his knowledge of the future to claim all the tombs and relics for himself to become the Tomb Raider King.

There are multiple things that make this manhwa so special, first unlike most manhwa with dungeons Tomb Raider King uses tombs filled with traps and monsters laying in wait which will remind you of The Mummy or Indiana Jones series. Moreover, the series is illustrated by the talented artists at REDICE studio, the same persons behind the phenomenal art of Solo Levelling and Omniscient Reader Viewpoint.

11. The Archmage Returns After 4000 years

The Archmage Returns After 4000 years manhwa manhuaThe Archmage Returns After 4000 years manhwa manhua
  • Author and Artist: Nakhsan, Barnicle, KD-Dragon
  • Status: Ongoing


This manhwa follows the story of a guy named Lucas Trowman. Lucas was the greatest Archmage of all time. He was the strongest. However, he was betrayed by a demigod and was left to spend his life all alone without any power. 

After 4000 years, he was reincarnated in the body of a student named Frei Blake. Frei was considered the weakest at the academy he studied. Why was he reincarnated again? Is this the work of the same Demigod? What do you guys think? 

12. Kill The Dragon

Kill The Dragon manhwa summaryKill The Dragon manhwa summary
  • Author and Artist: Baeksu Noble, J-Sun, Miss Jisu, Redice Studio
  • Status: Ongoing


Kill The Dragon is new military-school webtoon series from the talented team at Studio Redice which debuted in August 2022.

In story takes place in a world where the human race is thrown into a desperate battle for survival as dragons descend from the skies and invade the Earth. In the face of this overwhelming threat, humanity finds hope in a new breed of individuals – Psykers – who possess extraordinary powers beyond imagination.

With the sacrifices of countless psykers, humanity pushes back the dragons and emerges victorious. However, a psyker with the ability to see the future reveals a chilling prophecy: the dragons will return in 15 years’ time. In response, the people of the world came together to establish Ark, a training facility for children born with psychic abilities. The goal is to prepare these children, to ensure humanity’s victory in the coming war.

With only three years left until the prophesized war, the fate of humanity rests on the shoulders of these young psykers. They are the last hope for the human race in the final showdown with the dragons.

Concluding Thoughts!

Well, this concludes our list of Redice Studio’s best works. So, what are your thoughts about our feature? Do you think any other manhwa should be on the list as well? If so, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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