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If you are looking for something similar to Trash of Count’s Family, then you have reached the right place.

Trash of Count’s Family also known as Lout of Count’s Family or Trash Count is a Koreon Manhwa (Koreon Comics also called webtoon). In the novel “Birth of a Hero” our kind protagonist, Choi Han, loses everyone he loves and falls deep into desperation. In order to get revenge, he leaves his home and heads to a nearby city where he beats up a low-life, drunken noble who was getting on his nerves, a barely relevant moment for this soon-to-be hero’s journey.

Unfortunately for Kim Roksu, he wakes up as Cale Henituse, the same drunkard noble who is destined to be beaten by Choi Han. However, Roksu has no intentions of letting the story keep its course and intends to live a peaceful life instead. Using his knowledge of the novel from his previous life and the wealth from his current one, he plans to protect himself with the help of ancient spells in case he encounters the main lead.

We also have prepared a list of manhwa with over 500+ chapters, 400+ chapters, 300+ chapters and 200+ chapters.

Now let’s dig into the recommendation list:

Most Recommended Webtoons like Trash Count:

1. I Woke Up as the Villain

I Woke Up as the Villain manhwa summary
  • Author and Artist: So Yu Hyun, Arig
  • Status: Ongoing


Both have similar concepts where a person gets transported into a webnovel as the slightly villainous side characters that meet bad fates and now work hard to avoid their fate and eventually becomes friends with the main character of the novel.

The protagonist, Yuseong, is an ordinary office worker who falls asleep while working overtime and wakes up to find himself possessing the body of the villain in a webnovel he was reading. He realizes that he needs to find a way to survive in this new situation, as the villain is fated to be killed soon. He comes up with three strategies to survive as a good-for-nothing webnovel villain: convincing enough people to be on his side, becoming strong enough to protect himself, or avoiding contact with a powerful and insane character known as the “Returnee Master.”

At last, he finds a way to become one of the Awakened humans gifted with supernatural powers and tries to level up and climb the ranks, defeating monsters and men at the same time while avoiding his doom.

2. My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending

My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending manga summary
  • Author and Artist: Izumi, Otosu Mitsuya
  • Status: Ongoing


Hirasawa Kazuki, an ordinary university student, finds himself in his favourite game “Brave Souls” possessing the body of a game character. Specifically, he was in the body of Harold Stokes, the story’s most hated figure who held the title of “King of Trash” and is doomed to die by the hands of the Last Game Boss, Jutus. Kazuki faces numerous challenges, obstacles and as he struggles to navigate through his “death flags” and make progress in the game.

3. Solo Bug Player

Solo bug player manhwa summary
  • Author and Artist: Cheongcho, Inkhead, Kimint, Odungdung
  • Status: Ongoing


For an entire decade, Shin Tae Pong had reigned as the number one player in the game, Paradiso, but his life comes to an abrupt end when he suddenly dies of exhaustion.

Mysteriously he finds himself reincarnated into the world of the game as the obese, corrupt and generally unknown noble, Jared Eucalates. He uses what he has learned from playing the game, hoping to prevent the “Great Nasu War” that will take place in five years. Knowing that this war would not spare anyone as insignificant as him, Jared embarks on a journey to prevent this outcome.

Armed with his knowledge of the game’s skills, cheats, and bugs, he plans on using everything he has on hand to save himself and the people he has grown to care about before anyone can rob him of these opportunities.

Both have lots of similarities such as their main characters who are reincarnated as a minor unlikable characters in the story and they both make the best of their situation with their knowledge of the future and they go around manipulating events and gathering important characters.

4. Villains Are Destined to Die

Villains Are Destined to Die manhwa summary
  • Author and Artist: Gwon Gyeoeul, SUOL
  • Status: Ongoing


Penelope Eckart is reincarnated as the adopted daughter of Duke Eckart and the hated villainess of a reverse harem dating sim – Daughter of the Duke Love Project. However, the problem is, she entered the game at its hardest difficulty, and no matter what she does, death awaits her at every end.

So before the real daughter of Duke Eckart appears in the story, must make one of the male leads fall in love with her and reach a happy ending in order to survive. But the two brothers always pick a fight with her over every little thing, and then there is also the crazy crown prince, all of whose routes lead to death. There’s even a magician who’s enamoured with the female lead and a loyal slave knight. She uses her wits and knowledge of the game to try to increase the favourability meters of the male leads, but everything seems stacked against her.

Both follow the story of the main characters who are transferred to a fictional world where they already know the events of the future. As the “villains”, they try to avoid their distasteful ending and gradually become the main character.

5. The Novel’s Extra

Novel's Extra webtoon summary
  • Author and Artist: Jee Gab Song, Carrotoon
  • Status: Ongoing


Kim Hajin wakes up to find himself in a strange yet familiar world, but in an unfamiliar body. He discovers that he has become an extra, a filler character with no importance to the story in his own novel. On top of that, the novel didn’t even bother giving him a face and a question mark dangles over his face. The only way for him to escape this world and return to reality is to stay close to the main storyline.

However, he quickly realizes that the world is not exactly identical to his creation. It is a new and different version of the story that he had written, with new characters and plot twists. He must navigate this unfamiliar world while trying to figure out how to get back to his own reality.

Note: the series has inspired two manhwa adaptations, one in 2020, and the second in 2022. Read the later version since the first one was cancelled within just three chapters.

6. Kill The Hero

Kill The Hero manhwa summary
  • Author and Artist: D-Dart, CartoonLife
  • Status: Ongoing


“Kill the Hero” is a story about a world where people are suddenly thrown into a game-like reality where dungeons, beasts and monsters appear and threaten the survival of humanity. A group of selected individuals are granted superhuman powers to fight these monsters, but instead of using them to save the world, they use their powers to amass wealth and power for themselves.

But among them is a righteous Hero who is working alone to end this nightmare. He is eventually joined by others who share his goal, along with our protagonist Woojin, together they embark on a journey to defeat the monsters and end the apocalypse. After years of battle and sacrifice, Woojin and his companions finally reach the last floor of the dungeon. But just as they are about to open the door to victory, Woojin is betrayed and killed by the “Hero” – the person he trusted the most.

However, Woojin is given a second chance to start over from the beginning, the day the monsters first appeared. But this time, he is not interested in playing the role of saviour. Instead, he decides to become the “Demon” himself, and take his revenge on the Hero who betrayed him. He sets out to become the King of the Undead and use his power to defeat the Hero and end the game-like reality once and for all.

7. My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!

My Next Life as a Villainess anime summary
  • Author and Artist: Satoru Yamaguchi, Nami Hidaka
  • Status: Ongoing


My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! is a Japanese light novel series which follows Catarina Claes, the young daughter of a noble family who after her bumping her head regains memories of her past life as a 17-year-old otaku girl. Soon she realizes she has been reborn into the world of her favourite otome game The Fortune Lover as the game’s villainess who regardless of what route the player took in the original game, is destined to be either exiled or killed.

In order to avoid these routes that lead to doom, Catarina begins taking countermeasures such as trying to establish good relationships with her peers and taking up gardening as a profession as a backup if her exile comes to pass.

Along the way, she forms friendships and relationships with the male leads and eventually, all the male leads start falling for her and even the game’s heroine comes in to join her harem. The novel also has inspired a manga adaption along with two television series and an anime film in work.

8. Solo Levelling

Solo leveling manhwa summary
  • Author and Artist: Chugong, Dubu (Redice Studio)
  • Status: Finished

10 Years ago, the “GATE” appeared, connecting the human world to the world of monsters. As a result, humans with special powers emerged, tasked with hunting these monsters. The story follows Jinwoo Sung, a weak and ineffective E-rank hunter who struggles to make a living by hunting in the lowest level dungeons.

However, after narrowly surviving a disastrous raid that nearly wipes out his entire party, he discovers that he has been chosen by a mysterious program called the System, granting him the unique ability to “level up” in strength beyond any known limits. Determined to become stronger and take revenge on the monsters that killed his comrades, Jinwoo sets out on a journey to become the strongest hunter in the world. As he faces off against powerful monsters and uncovers the dark secrets and politics of the hunter world, he also begins to uncover the true source of his powers and the true nature of the “GATE.”

Since its debut “Solo Leveling” has gained a large fanbase and become very popular for several reasons inclduing the detailed and dynamic art style and the unique premise and the world it offers, moreover, the series is also inspiring an anime adaptation by Crunchyroll and A1 Pictures due to debut this year.

9. The Beginning After the End

The Beginning After The End webtoon
  • Author and Artist: Fuyuki23, Turtleme
  • Status: Ongoing


The Beginning After the End in short known as TBATE is right now the most popular webtoon since The Solo Levelling ended. Its story begins with the mighty King Grey waking up as a newborn baby named Arthur Leywin. He realizes that someone probably assassinated him and he has reincarnated into a new family, who resides on a continent called Dicathen.

After being given a chance at a new life, Arthur decides to live his life differently than before—he was going to be loved and supported by friends and family. As the story progresses, the readers join Arthur on his journey in the new world, as he faces challenges, gains power, and creates new relationships.

10. Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint webtoon summary
  • Author and Artist: sing N song, UMI, Studio REDICE, Sleepy-C
  • Status: Ongoing


“Omniscient Reader Viewpoint” is a highly popular manhwa and web novel in Korea, known for its gripping storyline and epic artistic style. The novel was exceedingly popular in the Korean webnovel reader community, exceeding 26 million views, the highest a novel has ever achieved and is still the most-read novel in Korea above the likes of Solo Leveling.

The story follows, Kim Dokja, an average office worker who discovers that the events of his favourite web novel he has been following for a decade, “Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse,” have suddenly become reality.

Using his unique knowledge of the story, Dokja allies with the protagonist of the novel, Yoo Joonghyuk, in an effort to change the course of events to quickly approach the end of the story and bring an end to the apocalypse. As they progress through the scenarios, they face intense threats and challenges, striving to survive and defeat the Spectators who demand their suffering. With breathtaking artwork by Studio REDICE, “Omniscient Reader Viewpoint” is a must-read for fans of thrilling and action-packed storylines.

In both stories, the protagonists are portrayed as weak but intelligent individuals who possess unique knowledge of future events, which they use to their advantage. In “Trash of the Count’s Family,” the main character is transported into a fictional world, while in “Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint,” the reality of the main character, Kim Dojka, transforms into his favourite novel.

11. Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House

Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House webtoon summary
  • Author and Artist: Nok Wolhi, K
  • Status: Ongoing


This is the story of the youngest son of the  Marquis House, a monster who killed tens and thousands for his revenge, overthrew the mighty Tulkan Empire, a single nation that dominated the continent and ended the whole Tulkan clan.  He had accomplished everything he needed to and was satisfied. And that’s why despite having all the powers to heal himself, he accepts his approaching death and takes his final breath. And so he his heart stops: or he thought so.

In the next moment, he finds himself trapped in the body of a 14-year-old with black hair looking at the mirror and realises that he has travelled 20 years back to his youth filled with regrets and abuse.

12. The Lazy Lord Masters the Sword/ Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble

Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble webtoon manga
  • Author and Artist: Doip
  • Status: Ongoing


After witnessing the shocking death of his mother, young Airen Farreira spends his days sleeping to escape from his painful reality, earning him the nickname, “the lazy lord”. Yet, in spite of others’ jeers and whispers, Airen has no intention of changing his ways. But one day he dreams of a mysterious swordsman, a man who continuously trains his swordsmanship continuously for 37 years, day and night, through thunders and snow and doesn’t let go of his sword even in his final moments. This dream sparks something in Young Lord and his body craves to wield a sword.

There are some genuinely positive aspects to this manhwa, like the fact that the main character, Irene, isn’t just instantly made overpowered and that we actually get to see their progression from weak to strong. And I appreciate the fact that the antagonists don’t come across as one-dimensional baddies with an irrational hatred for Irene and are instead shown to be generally relatable people with their own struggles. It’s also nice how the story will be told from varying perspectives, including those of passing side characters. And the sword slashes and fight choreographies during the duels are pretty well done.

13. Tomb Raider King

TOMB RAIDER KING webtoon summary
  • Author and Artist:  Yuns, SAN.G, Redice Studio, 3B2S
  • Status: Ongoing


Mysterious God’s tombs appeared all over the world one day, each containing a relic which grants its owner supernatural abilities. Jooheon Suh is a tomb explorer, excavator, and raider whose job is to steal relics from others. However, he is Betrayed by his employer when he is sent on an impossible mission with no help and support. When he’s about to die at the hands of a beast, he hears the sound of a relic talking to him and suddenly finds himself 15 years in the past, before any relics or tombs made their debut. Driven by feelings of revenge, Jooheon uses his knowledge of the future to claim all the tombs and relics for himself to become the Tomb Raider King.

There are multiple things that make this manhwa so special, first unlike most manhwa with dungeons Tomb Raider King uses tombs filled with traps and monsters laying in wait which will remind you of The Mummy or Indiana Jones series. Moreover, the series is illustrated by the talented artists at REDICE studio, the same persons behind the phenomenal art of Solo Levelling and Omniscient Reader Viewpoint.

14. The Max Level Hero has Returned

The Max Level Hero has Returned webtoon summary

Author and Artist: Devil’s Tail, Yudo

Status: Ongoing


Davey O’Rowane is known as the weak prince of an insignificant country. After being struck by an enemy’s arrow, his body falls into coma but his soul travels to a place where the greatest of the great heroes gather—the honourable Hall of Heroes.

For a thousand years, Davey undergoes excruciating training under the watchful eyes of multiple heroes each having their special powers and different way of training him. They finally bid him farewell and returns as the Max-Level Hero.

Now back to present at his kingdom, he begins his revenge journey against and the enemies hiding in the king’s court. The prince they tried to dismiss is now their biggest threat.

15. Standard of Reincarnation

Standard of Reincarnation manga
  • Author and Artist: Blue Jaeng-i, Kim Pyung-beom, Lee Sang-kyung
  • Status: Ongoing


Daven a member of the greatest martial family, Samion, is a one-armed martial soldier born without a right arm. Despite the continued ridicule and contempt, he got for only having a left arm, he surpasses the direct line of the Samion family like a genius. However, he gets betrayed by his family and parents in the end, thus meeting a poor end. But, he was reincarnated, now with both his hands.

He had a new family tradition, a naturally gifted body and experience from his past life along with the god Yulion on his side. After his reincarnation, everything changes, and a new adventure begins.

16. The Lord’s Coins Aren’t Decreasing?!/ The Lord of Coins

The Lord of Coins manhwa summary
  • Author and Artist: Mokhyen, Hong Dae Eui, Teurubereu
  • Status: Ongoing


There are lots of things that make “The Lord’s Coins Aren’t Decreasing?!” my favourite regression manhwa. First, the Main character Aaron is not a Hero and is not even try to become one. In fact, he is more of an Anti-Hero and at times a straight-up villain if it benefits his cause. Moreover, it has a whole unique premise with how he obtains more power and doesn’t become overpowered in one go but slowly gains his power and the trust of his kingdom. On top of that it has a pretty strong artstyle which stays consistent overall.

Aaron Steelegard was destined for fame as the successor of the Steelegard family, who ruled over the Land of NavaPro. However, he had no talent in politics, economy, or knightship, and as a result, he loses the favour of his family, knights, and the people of his kingdom. As a last resort, he trades all of his fortune for a mystical artifact that allows him to trade items between different dimensions.

Just when he thought he could make everything right, he is assassinated by his childhood friend Kuntz. But he is brought back to his younger self thanks to an item he deemed as useless. Now armed with his past knowledge, Aaron begins to amass coins while gaining powerful abilities and climbing up the ranks of the interdimensional trading markets to exact his revenge.

Concluding Thoughts!

It seems like we’ve reached the end of the list. With a perfect main protagonist and well-written side characters and a standard plot, Trash of Count’s Family has been an entertaining read for most of us.

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So, what are your thoughts on Trash of Count’s Family? Do you think any other manhwa should be on the list as well? If so, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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