Akiba Maid Wars Episode 9: Akiba Maid Festival & Chaos! Release Date & Plot

Akiba Maid Wars Episode 9

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So, where to start? We have seen the Oinky Doink cafe’s maids facing plenty of challenging situations and returning stronger. However, the Akiba Maid Wars Episode 9 will create a mess in the maids’ lives. The upcoming episode will bring more twist and turn in the characters’ lives as they deal with a new set of problems. But before jumping to any conclusion, they have to fight back to gain more customers and reach a high rank. Will it be easy for them to do so? Keep reading to know more.

The forthcoming episode will focus on festive feelings. The Oniky Doink cafe’s maids will participate in the festival in order to gain more customers. Their sales are going lower, and they need to boost them up. So Nagomi will try her best to please other maids. But will they accept her gratitude? Only time will tell.

Akiba Maid Wars Episode 9

Akiba Maid Wars Episode 9: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming episode will be a game-changing episode for the Oinky Doink maids. The annual Akiba Maid Festival is around the corner. So every cafe’s maid will participate in the festival to show their skills and lure customers to visit their café. But it will be challenging for the Oinky Doink maids to gather more and more people. Well, in the previous episode, it was revealed that due to being treated badly by others, the café was at its bottom tier because of low sales.

So the Manager of Oinky Doink will reveal their status and ask them to work hard to gain a handful of money. They will map a plan to shine like a star in the festival. But the other cafes’ maids won’t be pleased by their involvement and will try their best to create chaos in their path. However, the Oinky Doink maids won’t give up and will participate in a challenging game to secure more customers.

Akiba Maid Wars Episode 9

A Quick Recap!

Previously in Akiba Maid Wars Episode 8, the Maidaliens revamped into an Axoloti-themed maid café after being absorbed into Creatureland. They later held a funeral for Manami, the Debt Collector and Manager of the Oinky Doink visited there but ended up angering them. However, Nagi ordered both sides to settle everything with a baseball game. Nagomi wanted a peaceful match, but they lacked the human resources, so the Manager hired three Venezuelans- Jose, Antonio, and Luis- to fill their team. The Oinky Doink team turned out as the hot star, while the Venezuelans turned out to be the tourists in Akihabara and ballplayers. Losing the Oinky Doink, Ginko ordered to start cheating.

One of the Axolotl maids used a bat to hit Nagomi. Soon the game turned into a battlefield, despite Nagomi’s efforts to play a match peacefully. But a few of Axolotl’s maids seemed impressed with Nagomi’s efforts and started avoiding their Manager’s words. So Ginko decided to enter the match and attack Ranko. But Zoya knocked her down. Suddenly, the Axoloti mascot backstabbed Ginko, who appeared to be Miyabi. She was stabbed with her own dagger. But her team pretended they hadn’t seen anything and acted like they were still alive to finish the game. However, Ranko’s final strikeout helped the Oinky Doink to win. After the game, Ranko recognized Nagi and revealed that she was her sister. She told Ranko that she should have fought for their mistress back then, and now they should continue fighting for Creatureland.

Akiba Maid Wars Episode 9

Akiba Maid Wars Episode 9: Release Date

Nagaomi will try her best to get on the better list of the other cafes’ maids. You will learn it in Akiba Maid Wars Episode 9, which will air on December 2, 2022, at midnight. The local Japanese audience can stream it on BS11, Tokyo MX, SUN, and KBS Kyoto. Meanwhile, the international audience can stream it on HIDIVE, while Indian and European audiences can catch it on Crunchyroll. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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