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Young punters these days are anime fanatics especially those that belong to the Generation Z and even the Millenial generation is fond of animated characters. For this reason, gambling sites adapt to this trend and are applied to slot machines.

Slot Machines

Playing slot machines is said to be part of the tradition and has been a typical pastime for people for many years. Players push the button and automatically the reels start spinning randomly. If the four or five reels match then the player hits the jackpot and gets the prize immediately. Bettors keep on inserting coins and/or tokens if they wanted to keep playing until they hit the jackpot. Slots don’t need special technique because the outcome is pure chance although many say that in an online casino, a bit of strategy can be applied.

At present punters can use their gadgets whenever they play online slots. Players prefer to wager on a casino site that offers a special bonus like $1 deposit. The $1 deposit casino in New Zealand not just offers an opportunity for the player to make a $1 deposit to play any online betting games but it also comes with loads of bonuses and more benefits. This you’ve got to check out.

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Themed Slot Machines

Online casinos introduce themed slot machines for the players to be enticed into wagering more. The fusion of technology to the house of gambling plus its influence made it more popular among virtual gamblers. These slot machines come in various themes like Viking slots, Movies, Music, Historical, Oriental, Mythical and they also have the classic Fruit Machine slots.

The Anime Themed Slots

Animation plays a big role in young adults because they grew up watching animation on television series, reading animated stories, and even playing animated games. It is part of their childhood and it helped build their character and for who they are at present hence it made them a bit nostalgic knowing that they can play their favorite virtual slot game on their smartphone or any gadget and they can use their favorite animation.

The characters in these slots are colorful and have unique styles whether their hair, clothes, or special ability. These characters usually have large eyes, pointy and expressive faces, fluid motions, and cute voices. Each represents a diverse genre like fantasy, adventure, action, and drama which captures the hearts of many especially kids. Now, game providers came up with an idea to use animation as part of the themes in slot machines.

Here are the top 3 Anime themed Slots that are favored by players:

1.     Ninja Ways


Ninja Ways comes with stylish symbols and bright villages. The soothing soundtrack helps the players focus on the game since as I have mentioned earlier, there are strategies in the online casino and this is their secret mission to achieve the three adjacent symbols to hit the jackpot.

Players can get five adjacent bonus symbols and a three-spin in a random number.

2.     Magic Maid Cafe

Anime Themed Slot Games

Just looking at these slots makes your mouth water. Delicious pastries and sweet cakes will unfold on your screen once you open these slots. The Magic Made Cafe slots come with two bonuses –the wild symbol and the key symbol. The wild symbol can be used to substitute anything and everything while the key symbol can trigger three free spins.

The Magi Made Café promises big rewards, fantastic graphics, and pure entertainment.

3.     Moon Princess

Moon Princess Slot is Sailor Moon-inspired and comes with colorful symbols like winged bells, moon stars, and character symbols. Players simply have to match these three symbols in order to win.

Two bonuses are offered in the game but you still have to clear the whole grid symbols before you can get access to free spins.

Final Insight:

There are a lot of anime-themed slots to choose from but we only tackle three. Feel free to visit these sites and have fun.

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