Ao Ashi Chapter 313: Ashito’s Confession! Release Date & Plot

Ao Ashi Chapter 313

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While some will say a final goodbye to the team, Ashito prepares himself to become stronger and play just like Shiba in Ao Ashi Chapter 313. Although he had failed to convince Shiba to stay on the team, he still remembers what Shiba had taught him. Ashito will never forget this and will continue to become stronger and smart while watching Shiba’s match and how hard he tries to be the #1. But will it work? Keep reading to know more.

Now in the forthcoming outline, Ashito will learn a devastating piece of news from the coach. This news has something to do with Hana, leaving Ashito in pain. Will Ashito make his first move? What will Hana do? Will she refuse his offer? Only time will tell you.

Ao Ashi Chapter 301

Ao Ashi Chapter 313: What Will Happen Next?

In the upcoming chapter, Ashito learns that Hana is leaving Japan for her higher studies. She is going to Spain, and it can turn out lucrative for Ashito if he stays in touch with her. However, he didn’t know about this. He was so busy thinking about his future that he forgot to see Hana. After learning this news from the coach, Ashito decides to meet her. He wants to see her the last time before she leaves the country.

But he is late now, and nothing can be altered. Ao Ashi Chapter 313 might feature two possibilities: Ashito will be bothered by this news and prepare to confess his feelings for her. Second, he will decide to gather information from her. Well, Hana is the one who has supported him in every situation. So she won’t disagree to help him again. But will Ashito confess his feelings?

Ao Ashi Chapter 301

A Quick Recap!

In the 312th chapter of Ao Ashi, the Esperion team celebrated their victory after Ashito left the restaurant. The restaurant staff prepared a flag for them and asked everyone to sign it. It was the last time the third-year students were called an Esperion team. But after signing the flag, everyone started wondering how things would work during the semester break. While everyone wondered about it, Tae came to pick up Takeshima, which broke Otomo’s heart.

Everyone started consoling him as they thought he was crying as the third year was leaving. However, he was crying because of Tae. Meanwhile, Ashito and the coach had a word under the stars. The coach learned Garulla spoke to him about Barcelona, and because of this Ashito wanted to know about Spain and Barca Youth. Coach told him about the strict practice they follow, and if Ashito joined that group, then the chances of him becoming a pro player would be thin.

Ao Ashi Chapter 301

Ao Ashi Chapter 313: Release Date

Ashito will make a bold move in the upcoming chapter. Will he be able to reach Hana on time? You will learn it in Ao Ashi Chapter 313, which will air on November 25, 2022. It will be available on the official pages of Naver Webtoon and Kakao pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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