Ao Ashi Chapter 319: Fukuda’s Past! Release Date & More

Ao Ashi Chapter 319

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The highly-anticipated chapter won’t return this week too. Fans have been keenly waiting for Ao Ashi Chapter 319 and want to know more about Fukuda after exploring his flashback in the previous chapters. But it seems like they have to wait. Although the reason behind this delay remains unclear, the upcoming chapter will soon return. Apart from this, Ashito will make its way to the senior team, which remains in jeopardy. Let’s see what the mangaka is brewing for us.

The 319th chapter will continue to explore Fukuda’s flashback. Well, the manga is taking a break from the senior practice arc as it continues to reveal Fukuda’s journey and how he decides to teach students instead of becoming a part of the professional team. Now let’s see how things will unfold.

Ao Ashi Chapter 319Ao Ashi Chapter 319

Ao Ashi Chapter 319: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming chapter may continue with the flashback. Well, it’s something that has changed others’ perspectives. Fans wanted to know how and why Fukuda picked Ashito for first place in his team when Ashito wasn’t a professional player and had no knowledge of football. But the recent flashback hints that Fukuda sees everyone differently and believes even a non-player can become an excellent player.

Further, the senior team practice arc will soon get explored. Now Ashito needs to prove himself to become a part of the senior team. But it seems like fans have to wait to see that, as the manga will continue to explore more flashbacks which will help people to learn about Fukuda and why he chose to teach football instead of joining the professional football team and becoming a part of it.

Ao Ashi Chapter 319Ao Ashi Chapter 319

A Quick Recap!

Previously in Ao Ashi Chapter 318, Fukuda took his sister Hana to a famous restaurant in Spain to enjoy their meal before she headed abroad for her study. Hana enjoyed her meal, which reminded her of her home. But the “octopus plancha with potato puree” led to a flashback that hinted how Fukuda joined the Spain club and his journey in the Spain team. The scene quickly cuts to when Fukuda just joined the Spain team and received plenty of criticism. His team refused to pass the ball to him, losing the match. Soon the reporters blamed Fukuda for the loss.

However, he appeared pissed off as he didn’t know what he had done. He started babbling and accusing the players of their fault while walking down the street. Soon a little boy’s football came closer to him, quickly changing the scene. He learned that people around there didn’t like him at all. The natives called him a salary thief and asked him to return to Japan as they didn’t want him to stay there. But he showed that little boy some tricks to play football, quickly changing the natives’ perspective.

Ao Ashi Chapter 319Ao Ashi Chapter 319

Ao Ashi Chapter 319: Release Date

The upcoming chapter will finally reveal how things will work for Ashito ad Fukuda. However, the manga seems to be on a break as it didn’t release its latest chapter the previous week. But the mangaka hasn’t officially announced the delayed update, so it remains unclear when the next chapter will appear. We expect Ao Ashi Chapter 319 to come out on January 23, 2023. You can read it on Weekly Big Comic Spirits. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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