Apothesis Chapter 1017: Tian Jian’s Betrayal Or Loyalty Proved? Release Date & Spoilers

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It seems that things are getting very intense between the various clans. However, despite it all, it appears that Tian Jian has been able to rise out of it all. It will be very interesting to see how things start changing and if Tian Jian’s ability to grow out of situations will continue so smoothly. Darkness looms around him as Apothesis Chapter 1017 will see rivals that may not be rooting for Tian Jian find ways to bring him down. Here are all the speculations for the next episode.

The previous chapter of Apothesis was heavily filled with little previews of what might be happening in the next chapter. However, it seems that a lot of action will be coming up following the release of Chapter 1016. So, keep reading to find out more.

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Apothesis Chapter 1017: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming chapter will be an intense one. Tian Jian seems to have caught the eye of the seniors of his clan. There might be a suspicion among them that Tian Jian is a disciple of the Yu Tai Bai clan. The previous chapter showed that seniors and members of the clan were very impressed by Tian Jian’s swordsmandship. However, the impression did not last long, as they felt that Tian Jian had joined the Dong Fang clan to spy on them and send information back to his original clan.

Moreover, Chapter 1017 will focus on Tian Jian’s real identity and whether he is a spy. Is Tian Jian a threat to the Dong Fang Clan? The answer will only come when the new episode is brought to the table!

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Previous Chapter Recap!

Apothesis Chapter 1016 saw the various clans of the alliance had reached a point where they had to go to the Abyss Demon Region. Fang Hen Shao was also seen in the region, and noticed that Tian Jian was also there. However, she felt that his presence was very familiar. The clan elders stated that the new clan members must not act on their own as the region is very dangerous. Out of nowhere, a demon emerged from out of the lava of the region to eat them up. The demon wanted to eat every one to be on equal footing with the Great four fiends like Tu’e.

However, the clan seniors sat back to see how the juniors dealt with the demon. All the juniors attack the demon together, except for Tian Jian, who stands in the background. He says the demon needs to be hit with one fatal blow. He later pulls out a sword and launches the Flawless South Dipper Aura at the demon, which cuts it in half. The senior of the clan asks him if he is from the Dong Fang clan. Fang Hen Shao thinks that his swordsmanship feels similar to Luo Zheng’s. The chapter ends with the seniors feeling that Tian Jian is hiding secrets.

apothesis chapter 1017 trailer.v1apothesis chapter 1017 trailer.v1

Apothesis Chapter 1017: Release Date

The new episode of Apothesis will be released on December 24, 2022. Are you excited for the new outing? Tell us in the comments below. For further announcements, stay updated with The Anime Daily.

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