Asmodian’s Contract Chapter 82: Rivals Are Growing! Release Date & Plot Details!

Asmodian's Contract Chapter 82

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There have been quite a few famous novels in the past. But have any of these novels lived up to the fame that Asmodian’s Contract has? This manhua focuses on two main characters, Yurisina and Marianne. However, the previous chapter looked at the attacks being sent by Queen Ophelius to Marianne. After the intense rivalry in Chapter 81, fans on Twitter are particularly excited to read Asmodian’s Contract Chapter 82. Here is everything that you need to know!

In the next episode of Asmodian’s Contract, fans expect to see the attacks between the characters getting more intense. The Queen threw her attacks to the best of her abilities. Marianne knew exactly what to do and how to cope with it. Fans can anticipate the next chapter with a lot of suspense.

Asmodian's Contract Chapter 82

Asmodian’s Contract Chapter 82: What Will Happen Next?

The new chapter will bring with it extreme suspense. Asmodian’s Contract might witness the intensity of the rivalry increase even more. Also, with the arrival of a new character, fans can expect to see how the Queen would plan out her next attack. In Chapter 82, we might see Marianne landing a blow to the Queen’s attacks subtly. Moreover, the new character might even add more fuel to the fire.

Marianne’s fame might either increase or decrease by a lot. How will Marianne defend herself once again? What role would the new character play in Asmodian’s Contract’s next chapter? There is only one place where you can find these answers only in Asmodian’s Contract chapter 82.

Asmodian's Contract Chapter 82

Previous Chapter Recap!

In Chapter 81 of Asmodian’s Contract, it was seen that Queen Ophelius felt very threatened by the rise of Marianne’s powers. This feeling led her to spread rumors around the kingdom. These rumors led them to people believing that Marianne was not the black wizard they thought she was. Instead, they believed in the rumors that black magic was evil. Some even believed that what Marianne did in Spirrin was also because of black magic. But, these rumors eventually faded when Princess Marianne completed her Hyppolite Mission.

Despite the fame that Princess Marianne gained, it came with a con. People wanted to know more about her. The new and the current powers also wanted to know if her fame would last or end quickly. Another rumor had seemed to come up saying that she had learned black magic through unjust ways. Marianne and Queen Ophelius were seen throwing passive attacks at each other at the palace. Marianne realized that the Queen was not interested in knowing the truth.

Asmodian's Contract Chapter 82

And the Queen wanted to see how Marianne would dodge this attack of hers. Soon after, we could see the entry of a new character. They were introduced as “The Master of Black Magic – Master Gaya.” This introduction seemed to have brought an extreme surprise to Queen Ophelius.

Asmodian’s Contract Chapter 82: Release Date

There is no current release date for Asmodian’s Contract Chapter 82. But fans can be sure to look forward to the next chapter. It will be available on Webtoon and Kakaopage. We will update this section as soon as we get an update. Until then, keep checking The Anime Daily for further details.

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