Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3 Anime Reveals Key Visual! New Event To Give Away Release Date

Attack on Titan FInal Season Part 3

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The wait almost comes to an end! The Attack on Titan TV anime has released a new key visual for Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3. The tale as old as Paradise will finally come to a conclusion in this part. AoT has been one of the most popular anime in the past decade. The hype surrounding this majestic war involving humans and monsters is at this close. And the latest announcement brings a key visual from the upcoming event. Thus, here is all you need to know about it!

Hajime Isayama is the writer and illustrator of the manga. It ran from September 9, 2009, to April 9, 2021. The text has sold more than 110 million copies and ranks #1 in popularity on MyAnimeList. Isayama was the most successful Mangaka in 2021 when Attack on Titan was at its climax. Millions of fans have seen the show, and the manga has also won several awards.

Attack on Titan FInal Season Part 3 Key Visual

Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3: New Visual Out!

The Attack on Tital FInal Season Special Event 2022 revealed a new key visual for the final installment of the series. The event took place on 13th November. Attack on Titan Final Season Part 1 started airing in December 2020 for a total of 16 episodes. In January 2022, a 12-episode Final Season Part 2 was released. The series has become the most talked about franchise after the change of tone in the final season.

MAPPA has done an amazing job in animation which contributes to the anime’s huge success. The grand action scenes have been handled beautifully by combining hand-drawn and CGI sequences, something fans were highly in doubt about. Further, the experience is enhanced by the amazing sound design done by Masafumi Mima. Something similar can be seen in the new visual. You can check it out right here:

What Will Happen In The Final Season?

The series comes to a conclusion in the upcoming Part 3 of the final season. Eren Yeager became the founding Titan in Part 2 and is rallying the Wall Titans in a global-scale attack against the world that oppressed the Eldians. Thus, Eren has turned against his friends and the whole world. Further, Part 3 will show a final showdown, depicting the end of the hundreds of years of conflict between Paradis Island and the nation of Marley.

Eren and his allies, who seek to exterminate the humans apart from Paradis Island, Face-off against Mikasa and the Survey Corps members. Mikasa and Armin, childhood friends of Eren, still hope that Eren has some good intentions. The 2000 years old mystery of Titans finally unfolds.

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Attack on Titan FInal Season Part 3 Key Visual

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3: Release Date

So, Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 will air sometime in 2023. Speculations point toward May 2023. The exact release date has not yet been revealed. The episode count is also unknown. We will share all these updates right here. Thus, keep an eye out on The Anime Daily for further updates on release dates and Cast members!

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