Ayakashi Triangle Episode 5: ‘Omokage!’ NEW Release Date

Ayakashi Triangle Episode 5 preview

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Matsuri finds out that Suzu might be an ayakashi after all.

It turns out that Matsuri’s family is not the only exorcist ninja clan in their area. However, Yayo ends up feeling bad about the way she was being earlier with Matsuri. Ayakashi Triangle Episode 5 will also see Matsuri discovering that Suzu is an ayakashi. It will be a very interesting episode. However, fans will have to wait for a while as anime production is currently halted due to COVID-19. There is a certainty that the show will be coming back though. So, here are all the details about the next episode.

The gap between Matsuri and Suzu is starting to close up since he became a girl. However, Soga receives some problematic information from Ponosuke. As a result, Matsuri might have to distance himself from Suzu again. Moreover, a doubt that has been hanging in every viewer’s mind. It is the question of whether or not Suzu is an ayakashi. All the answers will reveal themselves in the next episode. So, keep reading to find out more about the upcoming episode.

Ayakashi Triangle Episode 5 c teaserAyakashi Triangle Episode 5 c teaser

Ayakashi Triangle Episode 5: What Will Happen Next?

Episode 5 of Ayakashi Triangle will be “Omokage.” The previous episode sees Suzu kissing Matsuri. Fans have since been left on a cliffhanger about what might happen next. It appears that the two might finally come clean about their feelings for each other. Moreover, a relationship will finally develop between Suzu and Matsuri. Furthermore, Matsuri will try and find out why Suzu did what she did and why she is in her room.

Matsuri will also discover that Suzu is an ayakashi after all. As per Soga’s advice, it might come true that Suzu would harm a human. As a result of this, they will have to exorcise Suzu at some point. However, the doubts remain unclear until the next episode is released.

Ayakashi Triangle Episode 5 cAyakashi Triangle Episode 5 c

Previous Episode Recap!

Ayakashi Triangle Episode 4 of the series was called “The Melancholy of the Ayakashi Medium.” The episode sees Suzu and Matsuri talking about the other ninja exorcist clans in their area. It turns out that Matsuri’s family is not the only one after all. At school, Yayo tries to show her new favorite TV show to Matsuri but trips on a strange ayakashi. Matsuri catches her, but Yayo starts becoming very touchy with her. She feels bad about it, as Matsuri seems to dislike it. However, Suzu persuades Matsuri to be nicer to Yayo. Later, Yayo and Lu discover Shirogane in his cat form. Matsuri and Suzu also find out that Yayo is possessed by an ayakashi.

Soga also explains to Matsuri that if Suzu ever harms a human, then they will be forced to exorcise her. Later in the episode, Suzu goes to bed but sees a strange light coming from her body as she falls asleep. At the same time, Matsuru is in her room and does not notice Suzu entering. She thinks it is Shirogane at first. However, Suzu leans in and kisses Matsuri!

Ayakashi Triangle Episode 5 c wAyakashi Triangle Episode 5 c w

Ayakashi Triangle Episode 5: Release Date

The anime has been re-running its previous four episodes ever since its return from the COVID-19 break. As episode 5 of Ayakashi Triangle has been postponed, the official Twitter account of Ayakashi Triangle will announce the release of the new episode soon. The episodes will be available to watch on Tokyo MX, Tochigi TV, Gunma TV, BS11, TV Aichi, and Yomiuri TV channels in Japan. International viewers can watch it on Crunchyroll. So, stay updated with The Anime Daily for more.

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