Birdie Wing Season 2: First PV Reveals Theme Song, Release Date & More To Know

Birdie Wing Season 2

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Even though golf isn’t as interesting as other sports, Birdie Wing was a surprise hit this year. But the plot surprised everyone by including interesting themes like the mafia and the players’ hardships. It’s not uncommon for sports-themed anime to be less than stellar, but with recent hits like Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story, it seems like the genre is now back on track with top-notch production values. Birdie Wing Season 2 is delayed. Bandai Namco Pictures has created an original anime series for television. Find out absolutely everything pertinent to your situation here.

The first season of the latter series, Birdie Wing – Golf Girls’ Story, ended in June 2022. And the audience asked that Bandai Namco Pictures develop a second season quickly. We didn’t have to wait long for our wishes to come true. The focus of Birdie Wing: A Golf Girls’ Story is, unsurprisingly, golf. Birdie Wing Season 2 is delayed. Bandai Namco Pictures has Takayuki Inagaki at the helm of the sequel’s animated segment. Character creation is another area where BANDAI NAMCO Studios excels.

Birdie Wing Season 2Birdie Wing Season 2

Birdie Wing Season 2: Official Announcement

The first promotional video for Season 2 of the anime Birdie Wing is set to start soon. It was webcast at a special preview screening. Anime debuted in Japan, people from all over the world will be able to watch it on Crunchyroll. This video is a collection of scenes from the anime where Eve and Aoi interact, both inside and outside of the game. Aside from a healthy rivalry, they are also very good friends and hold each other in the highest regard on and off the field.

The trailer also shows parts of the anime’s opening and closing themes for the second season. Kohli Hirose, who sang the opening theme in the first season, will return for the second. At the same time, Sarasa Kadowaki will sing the concluding theme song, “Kimi ga Iru Kara” (Since You’re Here). The ending theme is a must-have for your playlist, and you can hear a snippet of it in the top video.

What Is The Plot?

According to the official website, the story takes place in Nafres, an imaginary European country. Eve, a golf prodigy, makes a career by wagering on the sport. One fateful day, Aoi Amawashi, the privileged heiress and prodigy golfer, happens to be the daughter of a wealthy businessman. They are both brilliant but in different ways. Aoi, the “Innocent Tyrant,” and Eve, the “Rainbow Bullet,” both enjoy a round of golf when they are not under duress. There is mutual attraction, influence, and transformation between the two. This is the story of a talented female golfer.

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Birdie Wing Season 2Birdie Wing Season 2

Birdie Wing Season 2: Release Date

Because of the novel nature of Birdie Wing, its ending cannot be predicted. It remains to be seen whether Eve is successful in eliminating the mafia or if they follow her to Japan. If you were to return to Nafrece, would you please tell us what became to Eve’s loved ones? I can’t wait until the next season to find out what happens with all of this. We now know that the second season of Birdie Wings will premiere in January 2023, and the news comes alongside the confirmation of the show’s renewal for a second season. It was announced that the second season of the sports anime has just been pushed back to April 2023. To learn more, please check back later.

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