Black Clover Chapter 343: The Dark Cloaked Warrior! Release Date & Spoilers

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Black Clover chapter 343 is almost ready to be released. Fans find it hard to wait for the chapter to come out because early spoilers hint at a fight between Asta and Ichika. Finally, the chapter’s publication date has been discussed. So, without taking much of your time, here is all you need to know about the new chapter!

In chapter 342 of Black Clover, Ichika narrates her flashback, and we learn the reason behind her earlier confession, as well as why Asta does not trust her. She shows him the armor with the words “Dark Yojutsu: Dark Cloaked Black Warrior” written on it. As she starts to coach Asta in the following chapter, we might get a glimpse of her potential.

Black Clover Chapter 343

Black Clover Chapter 343: What Will Happen Next?

Black Clover 342 is a flashback to when Yami and Ichika were younger; at the time, Yami was convinced that Ichika’s brother was guilty of the clan’s murder. Still trusting in the Captain Yami he knew, Asta refused to accept her explanation. This made Ichika angry, so she showed him how her magic improved her armor and told him that she would train him but that he shouldn’t blame her if he died. That she can be both hip and terrifying is something to marvel at. Please find below all the most recent information.

Since he and Sister Lily showed up out of the blue in Hino Country, Asta and Heath are most likely to fight. It seems that Ichika will again be pitted against Sister Lily. At the same time, Ryuda or another member of the Ryuzen Seven will take on the mysterious Paladin. If Asta is truly ready to return to the Clover Kingdom, he will have to decide now. Also, readers can expect Asta to show off his Zetten in this likely upcoming fight with Heath since Black Clover chapter 343 shows that he has found his best Zetten technique.

Black Clover Chapter 343

Black Clover chapter 343: Previous Chapter Recap!

“Clash of Black on Black” was the title for Black Clover chapter 342 is now available. Ichika draws Asta to her with yoryoku. Using his demon union, Asta can counteract the magic with his anti-magic. Asta manages to block Ichika’s “Black Yojutsu: Black Star” attack. He draws his demon-slaying blade. When Ichika realizes that Asta can keep up with her, she becomes enraged. She then criticizes him, telling him he would never rise to the position of Wizard King due to his inability and lack of determination. 

Asta feels the rage in her that she has for him and Yami. But there’s something darker than that in the air, and he can feel it. Ichika utilizes the Zetten in his practice. She impressed Asta, and he wanted to imitate her, but Ryuya intervened. The enemy forces of Asta, he informs them, has now arrived. On the last page, Lily and the other Paladins finally made it to the Land of the Sun. Asta could run into trouble in the future episode if her powers are too advanced for him to handle.

Black Clover Movie

Black Clover Chapter 343: Release Date

Based on information from reputable sources like Manga Plus, the next chapter of Black Clover will be available online on November 6, 2022. Fans eagerly awaiting this chapter can start reading this comic on Sunday. Yet, the chapter’s title has not been revealed. It will arrive on the official pages of Viz Media. Stay tuned for more updates!

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