Black Clover Chapter 346: Faceoff! Will Asta Make A Move? Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 346

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After Asta returns to the world, fans hope to see a magical moment where Asta can show his full skills. Well, he always wanted to be the strongest man in this world. But after his defeat, he needs proper training to return to his position. However, everyone is waiting for the right moment when his reverse Magic makes things extraordinary for him. The same may happen in Black Clover Chapter 346. Keep reading to know more.

The forthcoming storyline will focus on the battle between Sister Lily’s Paladins and Ryuzen Seven members. They will show their best moves during this battle. But it won’t be that easy. Meanwhile, Asta will be in trouble as he needs to make an important move.

Black Clover Chapter 346Black Clover Chapter 346

Black Clover Chapter 346: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming chapter will focus on the battle between Sister Lily’s group and Ryuzen Seven. It will shed light on the battle between Lily and Ginnojomorifuyu Kezokaku. The character is defined as a sleeping-berserker-type fighter. So this fight will be large-scale, where Kezokaku will show all her powerful moves. Meanwhile, the rest of the members of the Ryuzen Seven will battle with the Paladins of Sister Lily.

The battle between the Paladins and Ryuyen Seven seems to turn out soon to be a one-on-one fight, where these two characters will be the focal point of the war. However, it won’t be easy for them to take Five-Headed Dragon down. But all the Ryuzen Seven members will soon join forces to defeat the dragon. It will also reveal Asta’s fate and whether he will join the battle with the other members.

Black Clover Chapter 346Black Clover Chapter 346

A Quick Recap!

The 345th chapter of Black Clover opened up with a flashback of when Ryuya settled down Asta and Ichika’s fight. The Shogun asked Asta to finish his training while he told Ichika to look after Ryuzen. As they believed the enemy was stronger, Ryuya presumed they needed Asta later in the fight. Back in the present, Yosuga Mushogatake, the self-proclaimed Ryuzen seven’s strongest member, continued to defeat Asta. The person was way too stronger in Zetten, and Asta had to borrow time for Fujio Tenmanyashiki, so he continued to fight. Ryuzen Seven members also wanted to help their team defeat the enemy.

But Ryuya asked them to train Asta, and they also wanted to see his potential. Although Mushogatake was impressed by Asta, he continued to teach him by using his Katana to demonstrate its power. It later shattered Asta’s faith in his Magic and himself. He later ruminated how things fall like this after his defeat by Lucius. Now he couldn’t handle Ichika nor learn about Zetten properly. Above all, everyone believed Yuno could save Lily and defeat Lucius as he ranks faster than Asta. Later the chapter revealed the remaining Ryuzen seven members and their skills.

Black Clover Chapter 346Black Clover Chapter 346

Black Clover Chapter 346: Release Date

Asta needs more time to polish his skills and Magic. However, he will take a leap of fate and enter the battle to help others. Is it the right decision? You will learn it in Black Clover Chapter 346, which will come out on December 12, 2022, at midnight JST. It will be available on Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and MangaPlus. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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