Bleach Chapter 688: ‘Howls From The Jaws Of Hell’! Release Date & Plot

Bleach Chapter 688

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Bleach TYBW is currently airing. However, this did not stop the fandom from wishing for the release of Bleach Chapter 688. What Kubo is thinking is a hot topic among fans! The last panel of Chapter 687 translated to ‘Howl From The Jaws Of Hell Arc’. So yes, this arc will be in Hell. The last one-shot chapter revealed a mystery about the fate of dead Soul Reapers. It was a fact that the dead Soul Reapers rest in peace after the Kono Reisai Festival rituals.

In reality, their souls pass to Hell for eternity! But this contradicted the event of Chapter 687 when Szayelaporro made a comeback from Hell. Now fans are questioning if Yamamoto and other original Gotei 13 captains will return too. The next chapter will begin to unfold. Thus, here is all you need to know about Bleach Chapter 688!

The following chapter will continue Ichigo’s investigation into Hell. Kubo has brought forward two new characters, Kazui and Ichika. These two Shinigami apprentices have a major role in the upcoming chapter. Their Shinigami skills are very relevant for the next arc since it deals with the dead. So, keep reading to find out more!

Bleach Chapter 688

Bleach Chapter 688: What Will Happen Next?

The title of the next chapter is not out yet. Kubo hasn’t made it clear how he will approach the coming arc. However, fans can forecast a lot for the next plot. Soul Reapers sent immense Reiatsu down to hell one after another. So, it wrecked the balance of hell. As a result, the gate of hell has opened. Fans may expect to see some legendary figures reappear now. Though, it’s unclear how the dead captains who will return would react. Besides, the new chapter will showcase the next generation characters. Kazui and Ichika will use their newfound powers to guide the lost souls.

They have learned the secret about the soul ritual festival. So, they need to prevent any souls from entering hell. Each Bleach arc comes with a revelation that adds to the world-building. Thus, the Hell arc may contain the most subtle yet major revelation from sources like Bleach Hell Verse movie and the light novels. The next plot may dwell on the structure of the Bleach universe. It may also shed light on how the world was before the Soul King. Was the first world chaos or actually heaven? Bleach Chapter 688 will unfold!

Bleach Chapter 688

Previous Chapter Recap!

The title of Bleach Chapter 687 was ‘No Breaths From Hell’. The chapter followed a time skip. Twelve years after defeating Yhwach, Ichigo now lived with his family happily. He married Orihime Inoue and has a son, Kazui. His child has shinigami powers too. Renji and Rukia have a daughter, Ichika. Both their children are friends. Meanwhile, Ichigo and Renji got an invitation to come to Soul Society. Ichika secretly sneaked along to see the festival. But suddenly, the beasts from Hell started attacking her on the way. However, the Squad 12, 7, and 8 captains slayed them. Things started getting worse when Szayelaporro came back from Hell.

This is where he revealed to Ichigo the secret of the soul festival ritual. He explained how some people have immense power that Soul Society can’t keep within. So, their souls go to Hell. He said other beasts would appear due to the imbalance. Ichigo was skeptical at first. But then Granz asked him to explain why the butterflies who guide souls come back from Hell. As he went to attack Ichigo, a gate appeared behind his back. It was clearly Ukitake pulling him back to Hell. The chapter ended with a panel hinting at the start of a new arc, Howls From The Jaws Of Hell.

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Bleach Chapter 688

Bleach Chapter 688: Release Date

Unfortunately, the manga is on a hiatus right now. Kubo has revealed that he doesn’t intend to work on the new chapter any time soon. So when can fans expect Bleach Chapter 688 to release? Well, Chapter 687 was a one-shot manga. Generally, new chapters release months or even years after a one-shot.

Additionally, there is no certainty of the Bleach manga series’ continuance. However, based on how Kubo ended the last chapter, it’s possible that there may be another one at some point. As soon as there is news from Kubo’s end, we will let you know. Keep checking back on this page. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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