Bleach Season 17 Episode 8: ‘The Aftermath’ Is Byakuya Alive? Plot & Release Date

Bleach Season 17 Episode 8

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Bleach Thousand Year Blood War is one of The Big 3 airing this fall. The last episode was the pinnacle of shounen. It covered chapters 511 to 514 of the manga. Episode 7 began with an emotional encounter with Ichigo and Byakuya, who he had assumed was going to die. Ichigo finally arrived in the Soul Society and briefly confronted Yhwach. There he learned a shocking fact about himself. Thus, the Quincy leader referred to him as his son, Born in the Dark. This hinted at Ichigo having Quincy’s blood from her mother’s side. If you thought that this is peak fiction, then wait until the next episode. Much better narratives are on the way! Thus, here is all you need to know about Bleach Season 17 Episode 8 Plot and Release Date.

The next episode will pave the way for major events coming up. Yhwach forced Ichigo into submission and left. But Ichigo wasn’t willing to back down just yet. Episode 8 will look at the aftermath of the battle. Will Yhwach make a comeback? Read on to know more!

Bleach Season 17 Episode 8

Bleach Season 17 Episode 8: What Will Happen Next?

‘The Shooting Star Project (Zero Mix)’ is the title of Bleach Season 17 Episode 8. The title alludes to Squad Zero’s debut. It will be interesting to see what role they will play. At the same time, Ichigo has realized that in order to safeguard Soul Society, he must train even harder. With his defeat, the soul reapers have lost the war. And their prospects look grim. Quincies will undoubtedly return, and Ichigo will not let them go this time. Fans will also see the war’s aftermath. Many people in the Soul Society are wounded. They will need to rest and regroup.

In the meantime, Ichigo will reflect on his past. Is Ichigo Yhwach’s son? The next outing will clarify that. Soul Society has taken a huge blow, and the truth about his Quincy blood doesn’t aid him. Furthermore, Episode 7 depicted the original Gotei 13 in full form. It even illustrated how Sasakibe contributed to the original battle. Thus, the coming episode may reveal more about Gotei 13 and how it connects to the plot further.  A lot of scenes were anime exclusive only. Hopefully, Kubo will add more surprises to episode 8 than the manga.

Bleach Season 17 Episode 8

Previous Chapter Recap!

‘Born In the Dark’ was the title of Bleach Season 17 Episode 7. The episode began with an anime-only flashback to the first Gotei 13. The plot then moved on to the events of episode 6. A blow from Yhwach struck Yamamoto. Thus, he was able to kill Yamamoto by chopping him in half. Over his dead body, Yhwach expressed his displeasure with how the Gotei 13 had weakened. He then ordered Jugram to kill every member of Sternitter. Meanwhile, despite the chaos, Ichigo managed to escape from the prison. Ichigo then met Byakuya, who was dying. He passed on his last words to Ichigo. Then came Angry Ichigo to Soul Society. He finally met Yhwach in person. Sadly, Ichigo was not strong enough to win.

Yhwach easily overpowered him. But it seemed Ichigo had some trick up his sleeve. Ichigo fought back with a technique known as Blut Vene. And so, Ywhach was taken aback by this. It was a Quincy technique! It happened because Ichigo pushed himself too hard in jail. This led him to unlock his spiritual memories. Yhwach decided to withdraw. And he informed Ichigo to meet him at Wandenreich. However, Ichigo kept striking. Yhwach walked away, referring to him as his son.

Bleach Season 17 Episode 8

Bleach Season 17 Episode 8: Release Date

Bleach Season 17 Episode 8 is set to return this week. The special ending theme for Gotei 13 had everyone thrilled. Therefore, fans are expecting Kubo will bring something similar for the next episode. Episode 8 will come out on November 28, 2022. You can catch all the episodes on Crunchyroll. Recently, Disney+ will also stream the anime. There is no news of any delays. However, The Anime Daily will keep you updated. Excited about the new episode? Comment down below! Stay Tuned.

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