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It’s that time of the week again when makers will be back with yet another episode of Bleach Thousand Year Blood War. After the emotional roller coaster of the past few episodes, fans needed some downtime. Thus, Episode 8 was a welcome change of pace. It allowed fans to sit in with the casts and take in whatever they are going through. However, the story will take a turn as elite Squad Zero prepares for the inevitable return of the Quincy! Here is all you need to know about Bleach Season 17 Episode 9 plot & release date.

Episode 9 will feature the reawakening of Soul King. The post-credit scene of Episode 8 shows a gleaming light as we cut to the Soul King’s waking. The visuals here did a fine job portraying the importance of the God of the Bleach Universe to the fans. Following his debut, how will he contribute to the plot? Episode 9 has the answer. Keep reading to find out!

Bleach Season 17 Episode 9

Bleach Season 17 Episode 9: What Will Happen Next?

The title of Bleach Season 17 Episode 9 is ‘The Drop’. It will cover chapter 520 of the manga and beyond. The plot will return to the Kirinden hot spring scene, where Kirinji will expand on how he heals people. Byakuya, Renji, and Rukia are still in a coma. And they are in treatment. It is possible that the healing technique might work on them. The pacing of the episode will be similar to the previous one. No major action will take place yet. However, a major event is taking place in Seireitei. Following Yamamoto’s death, who will take his place? Is there anyone worth and befitting of this position?

Well, all hints point out to Shunsui Kyoraku. He will take the lead as the captain of Gotei 13. On the other hand, Squad Zero has brought Ichigo to the Soul Palace. Ichigo will also learn unsettling secrets about his identity and lineage. He might be able to get his Zanpakuto reforged in the Royal palace. Is it a coincidence that the Soul King awoke at the same time? Thus, Ichigo is almost certain to meet the God. However, what connection does the Soul King have with Ichigo? The next episode will unfold! This is a crucial point, particularly in the manga. He constantly puts off dealing with his issues. But the Thousand Years Blood War does a great job of shaping and bringing his character arc to a close

Bleach Season 17 Episode 9

A Quick Recap!

The title of Bleach TYBW Episode 8 was ‘The Shooting Star Project(Zero Mix). It started with Division 4 moving all the injured to the healing facility. Rukia and Renji were still in a critical state. Later, Ichigo met Mayuri . He learned that he couldn’t repair his Zanpakuto as it was destroyed in Bankai state. The story then cuts to Ichigo meeting Squad Zero, who guard the Royal Palace. Senjumaru invited Ichigo, unconscious Rukia, Renji, and Byakuya to the Royal Palace. Their wounds were too fatal that only the Royal Palace could heal them. Kirinji asked Unohana why she had lost so many troops.

He asked if she had refined the healing art he had taught her. On the other hand, Ichibe revealed to Ichigo that they were not taking him to the palace to heal him. There was another reason, but Urahara interrupted them. At the gate, Kirio explained the layout of the palace to Ichigo. Five cities surround the Royal Palace, and the Soul king gifted those to each Squad Zero member. Ichigo learned that he would first visit the domain of Kirinji. Kirinji greeted him at his hot spring. He explained how the water would release spiritual pressure. Byakuya would be healed in the other red-hot bath. The post-credits then showed the Soul King’s awakening.

Bleach Season 17 Episode 9

Bleach Season 17 Episode 9: Release Date

Earlier, Studio Pierrot informed a delay in the release of Episode 9. The studio said it would come out on December 12, 2022. However, they later clarified that the delay was only for Japanese broadcasting channels. International platforms will release at the usual time with no break. Bleach Season 17 Episode 9 is set to come out on December 5, 2022. Fans can catch all the episodes on Disney+, Hulu, and Crunchyroll. For any updates, stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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