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Blue Giant Anime

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Music is the kind of magic that can make a bad situation good, help you say the things you can’t say out loud, and give you a reason to keep living, and Blue Giant Anime is here to tell you a story about just that. Nothing but teases and key imagery up until this point has done anything but increase our anticipation and interest. A release date for the film is still a few months away, but the franchise has opted to provide more information. The Blue Giant manga by Shinichi Ishizuke is being turned into an anime film, but the studio has been extremely secretive about the project. The whole picture is laid out below.

The announcement of a Blue Giant anime film has increased the number of people who will be able to enjoy the stunning artwork that is the Blue Giant manga. Shinichi Ishizuka created the manga series Blue Giant, which centers around jazz. Big Comic ran a sequel to the original Blue Giant events from September 2016 to April 2020 with the title Blue Giant Supreme. There were eight tankbons for the collected chapters. In May 2020, Big Comic premiered their third series, Blue Giant Explorer. The NUT-animated feature adaptation is scheduled for release in Japan in 2023.

Blue Giant AnimeBlue Giant Anime

Blue Giant Anime: Official Announcement

The film’s important new image was unveiled in Japan just before its premiere. Nothing but teases and key imagery up until this point has done anything but increase our anticipation and interest. With barely two months left until the film’s release, though, the franchise has opted to provide additional information. Aside from Dai, the story’s other two main protagonists are also important. Dai’s friend, classmate Shunji Tamada, and the Tokyo-based pianist Yukinori Sawabe. A striking key visual is included with the trailer, and it does a great job of showing the trio’s dedication to their music.

Knowing they needed a top-tier filmmaker, the franchise brought on Yuzuru Tachikawa to helm the picture. More notably, Number 8, the editor of the Blue Giant manga, wrote the screenplay for the film. Their direction credits also include the Blue Giant Supreme manga, whose Europe arc they oversaw. The three then create a band and play a variety of venues to hone their craft. For Dai, who has never competed before and has had no formal training, these two factors make all the difference in his ability to perform well in competition. Despite the weather, Dai still goes to the river to train, as seen in the preview.

What Is The Plot?

The following is a plot summary for the English adaptation of the manga Seven Seas Entertainment has licensed. During high school, Dai’s life in Sendai, Japan, was quite typical. This city is known for its scorching summers and wet winters. Something was missing in his life of basketball, odd jobs, and doubt about the future. Indeed, music was the culprit. Senior year is winding down, and Dai has made a solemn promise to himself: “I’m going to be the best jazz player in the world.” But what exactly do you need to excel? Talent? Effort? What happened? Or it could be nothing more than a pure love of music and a refusal to admit defeat.

Blue Giant AnimeBlue Giant Anime

Blue Giant Anime: Release Date

TOHO Animation has confirmed the film’s distribution. As a result, it will premiere internationally soon following its debut in Japan. I’m already feeling a sense of relief knowing that such a fantastic core team is working on it, and I look forward to hearing more about the cast in the near future. TOHO Animation has released a new trailer for their next musical film Blue Giant, which will have its Japanese premiere on February 17, 2023.

The movie has much of potential, and if all goes well, we could see further sequels that finish the plot. I think it will be well worth it to wait till next year for this masterpiece. Keep your ears and eyes peeled for updates regarding its upcoming international rollout.

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