Blue Lock Chapter 211: Spoilers Delayed! Release Date & More

Blue Lock Chapter 211 release date

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One more good news of the week is that there is no break in the release of Blue Lock Chapter 211. And fans will be able to catch up with some interesting new questions. The last one was all about the beginning of the match between the Ubers and the Munchens. The only highlight of the last one was the entry of Don Lorenzo in the story. The man is known to be one of the best players in the Ubers. Thus, his magic will be clearly seen in the next one!

The following storyline will take a look at some of the best players of the Italy Ubers. Right from the beginning, these players have made clear that they are here to win the Throne of the Blue Lock. And so, the match shall be a fiesta to read!

Blue Lock Chapter 211 release date

Blue Lock Chapter 211: What Will Happen Next?

Not the main chapter, but the spoilers of the next one are running on a slight delay for the week. The leak pages have informed us that the next outing shall be out in some hours. However, there has been no sign of the new plot details whatsoever. The next one is sure to bring forth the continuation of the match of the Ubers. And the last chapter did not show much about Don Lorenzo.

Thus, he shall be the one taking most of the limelight in Blue Lock Chapter 211. Some of his best moves and tactics will be shown in the new one. In addition to this, Isagi’s commentary on this will also be seen. There will be a lot of trouble winning the next one. The strengths and weaknesses of the Ubers will also unveil this time.

Previous Chapter Recap!

The title of Blue Lock Chapter 210 was “Ace-Eater.” The chapter started with an argument panning out between Isagi Yoichi of the Bastard Munchens and Borou Shouei of the Italy Ubers. These two were debating about the price of money offered to them. The only claim that Borou was putting on was that he was going to take the Ubers to the next level, and the throne of victory would go to them only.

The next chapter was in the Blue Lock Central Monitor Room. The Chairman of the Japan Football Union, Buratsuta Hirotoshi, was here to meet with Ego. The next scene showed the field in which the next match was to begin. The chapter comes to an end with the Uber’s taking over the ball and aiming for a winning goal. In the ending scene, fans see the entry of the Ace-Eater, Don Lorenzo, who was supposedly the best player on this team!

Blue Lock Chapter 211 release date

Blue Lock Chapter 211: Release Date

As of the time of writing, the makers have not mentioned any more breaks in the release of the new one. Thus, fans will be able to catch up with the next one in a matter of days. The final release date of Blue Lock Chapter 211 is March 15, 2023. All chapters of the manga will be found only on the official pages of Kodansha. At last, keep an eye on The Anime daily to get all the updates of this right here.

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