Blue Lock Episode 12: Isagi Nails The Challenge! Release Date & Plot

Blue Lock Episode 12

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Isagi finally found his goal-scoring formula, and nobody could stop him from winning the game. But it isn’t easy to become a part of the national team. Ego Jinpachi recently revealed the upcoming challenges and how things will turn against the participants. Now in Blue Lock Episode 12, the participants must go through the hurdles to secure their position. However, nothing will be in their hand. Keep reading to know more.

The forthcoming storyline will focus on the second selection process. Until now, the participants had no idea they had been tested. But now that everything is clear, they will try their best to prove their worth. However, after finding themselves in a challenging and twisted situation, things will turn against them. Let’s see how they deal with it.

Blue Lock Episode 12Blue Lock Episode 12

Blue Lock Episode 12: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming episode will see Isagi securing a place in the second stage. He will be the first person to head to the second selection’s first stage. In the previous episode, Isagi left Team Z after what happened in the match. After his confidence is boosted, he realizes what he wants. He learns about the second selection process. But he has yet to explore the skills required for the second selection.

Although Ego explained that the second selection would have five challenges for all five strikers, Ego doesn’t mention the challenges and how they need to counter them. Isagi is curious to learn about it. But the players are asked to stay away from football for their ten-day training period. So in the next challenge player may touch the football. Further, one of the second selection participants has already made his presence felt. He is none other than the World Class midfielder Itoshi Sae.

Blue Lock Episode 12Blue Lock Episode 12

A Quick Recap!

Previously in Blue Lock Episode 11, Isagi used his foresight to locate a spot to the left of Chigiri and Kunigami in front of the net correctly, leading Team Z down the pitch. Isagi anticipated that Team V would send defenders for them. However, he failed to spot that Nagi was marking him. After contemplating, he took risks and hit the final shot, scoring the match-winning goal. With the selection process completed, Team Z and Team V finished the first and second. But Niko, Junichi Wanima, and Barou ended up with the leading scores on the eliminated teams.

In the second selection process, Ego had some strikers remaining who underwent physical conditions. A few minutes later, the remaining strikers gathered, and Ego revealed that Building 5 was only at the Blue Lock. At the same time, the rest were fictitious and just placed to let everybody experience inferiority. He went on to explain that the first selection was just about understanding what striker was about, and the second selection was about the series of individual challenges that the five strikers would face in five stages. Those strikers who make it through to the end will secure a spot on the national team.

Blue Lock Episode 12Blue Lock Episode 12

Blue Lock Episode 12: Release Date

Now things will be challenging as the players have to prove their worth. The upcoming selection process will finally reveal who’s worthy of staying on the national team. Blue Lock Episode 12 will come out on December 24, 2022, at 1.30 am JST. The local Japanese audience can stream it on TV Asahi. Meanwhile, the global audience can stream it on Crunchyroll. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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