Blue Lock Part 2: What Does The Next Cour Hold? Release Date & More

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The World Cup may be over, but Yoichi Isagi fans are extremely excited about the return of the soccer anime series. Fans are jumping for joy to have the second part of Blue Lock to look forward to. Until now, audiences could only see candidates play in the First Selection. However, Blue Lock Part 2 will now see the Second Selection with new teammates. Considering how popular the series is eversince its debut, it is no doubt that its second part will be even better and more successful. So, here is all that you need to know.

There will be several match-ups in the Second Selection, which fans can prepare themselves for. According to an explanation by Jinpachi’s Ego, one player can go back and forth between the stages. The anime is based on Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura’s manga of the same name. What sets this anime apart is that the characters are not just boys who play soccer. Instead, they are elite humans who have God-like skills and abilities. So, keep reading to find out how Blue Lock Part 2 works.

Blue Lock Part 2 release

Blue Lock Part 2: New Updates!

The second half of Blue Lock will air for 13 episodes and has two different opening themes. Moreover, a creditless version of the second opening was recently released. According to the new episode, the second selection of Blue Lock will have 125 candidates who will be participating in a Rivalry Battle. The series will explore Yoichi, Bachira, and Nagi challenging Rin Itoshi’s team to find out who can win and pick another player before they move on to the next round.

The new season is considered full of action compared to the first. There will also be a deeper look into the challenges and situations the players will face. Blue Lock Part 2 will also get a new opening theme song by ASH DA HERO called “Judgement.”

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What Will Happen Next?

According to Ego, the second part of Blue Lock will look into how the candidates who clear the first round of selection will participate in a strength training camp where the best players from the world will compete in a 5v5 match. After the selection, the candidates undergo four stages to pass their selection fully. The first stage will be an individual stage where the difficulty of the goals increases after 30 goals, and the second stage includes the players forming a team with three players to move on to the third stage.

After the first stage, all players must win the match against the other teams. The Rivalry Battle of the Second Selection begins in the third stage. The winning team goes on to the fourth and final stage, which is a match between four teams, and the winning team gets to take a member from the losing team. However, the losing team will need to return to the third stage.

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Blue Lock Part 2: Release Date

The anime started airing early in the Fall 2022 slate. The next episode will be released on January 8, 2023. The episode will be available for international fans on Crunchyroll. Fans in Japan can look forward to watching it on Asahi TV. For further updates, keep reading The Anime Daily for more.

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