Bocchi The Rock! Chapter 34: Hitori’s Live Performance! Release Date & More

Boochi The Rock Chapter 34

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Bocchi The Rock! anime debuted in the fall of 2022, and its ending left the fans wondering how things will move in the characters’ life. So without wasting any time, they switched to the manga to explore where the series is leaning forward to. Currently, the manga is about to explore Bocchi The Rock! Chapter 34. It will soon reveal how Hitori and Kita’s next song will work and whether it will help them win their audience’s hearts. Keep reading to know more.

The 34th chapter will focus on Hitori and Kita’s new song. They have finally prepared their lyrics, and now is the time to perform them in front of a live audience. However, Hitori will face some issues during this time and will try to seek some help. Can she get it? Meanwhile, Kita will try to understand Hitori’s situation.

Boochi The Rock Chapter 34Boochi The Rock Chapter 34

Bocchi The Rock! Chapter 34: What Will Happen Next?

After the sleepover arc, the upcoming chapter will explore Kita and Hitori preparing for their live performance. They have already written the song, but Hitori seems a bit nervous as she has no idea how people will take it. But Kita seems confident and wants her to stay focused on her skills. They will soon be greeted by the other members waiting for them. Kita will wonder about her future and the prize money.

However, Hitori calls her and asks her to stay in the present. Soon the time of their performance appears for which they have prepared themselves. But suddenly, Hitori’s anxiety problem strikes when she sees people gathering around their stage. She wonders that they’ve been busy recording the song they hadn’t performed yet in a while, and now it is making her nervous. However, Kita will encourage her and boost her confidence so they can come forward with what they got.

Boochi The Rock Chapter 34Boochi The Rock Chapter 34

A Quick Recap!

Previously in Bocchi The Rock! Chapter 33, Kita goes to Hitori’s house for a sleepover to write a new song. The former’s family seemed excited about Kita spending a night at their home. But Hitori appeared nervous. Kita used this opportunity to learn about the famous guitar hero, as she seemed quite excited. But Hitori’s anxiety was at its peak, though she tried to stay polite and excited about the sleepover. At one point, Hitori’s family visited her room occasionally to cheer her up. Hitori’s mom was the first person who tried to blend with the group.

She acted like a 16-year-old and discussed the stuff to mix up with them. But Hitori’s little sister created a problem for her. She told Kita that everyone in the kindergarten called her elder sister a ghost, embarrassing Hitori. Later, Kita asked Hitori to show her year’s graduation book. But the latter thought she would die if Kita saw her like this. However, she finally gathered enough courage to show her the graduation book, where she appeared gloomy. In the end, Hitori told Kita that society might not accept her lyrics. But Kita told her that she must stay confident, changing Hitori’s perspective.

Boochi The Rock Chapter 34Boochi The Rock Chapter 34

Bocchi The Rock! Chapter 34: Release Date

After the anime ended, fans were highly curious to learn about the manga series of the same name. However, the manga releases every new chapter in six to seven days. The previous chapter came out on January 1, 2023. So we expect Bocchi The Rock! Chapter 34 will release on January 7, 2023. You can read it in Houbunsha’s seinen manga magazine Manga Time Kirara Max, which is available in Japan, and find it on the Comic Fuz website. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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