Bocchi The Rock Episode 12: Kessoku Band Finally Performs? Spoilers & Release Date

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The calm before the storm is what this time is. The final moment of witnessing the Kessoku Band before a big crowd is very nerve-wracking. It is also the one last chance for boys to see the characters before a big group before saying goodbye to them next week. The latest episode was considered to be a teaser for the upcoming episode. Bocchi The Rock Episode 12 will see if Bocchi would come out of her little state of underconfidence and finally perform. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming episode.

It seems from the previous episodes that the online comments had gotten a hold of Bocchi. But how long will she let the words get to her head? How will their performance go? It will all be very exciting to see how it turns out. So, keep reading to find out more spoilers about the next episode.

bocchi the rock episode 12 release

Bocchi The Rock Episode 12: What Will Happen Next?

The new episode of the anime series will be titled “Morning Light Falls On You.” The previous episode saw that Bocchi was scared of losing her position online. However, episode 12 might reveal if she loses her position or rises in popularity instead. After their performance, it will be interesting to see if the Oh! Tube comments will end up becoming positive or remain negative. The long-awaited performance will also be very exciting as the new episode comes out.

The praise of the performance is something that will change the course of the coming events that they do. In addition to all of this, the comments also mark as to how they perform in the future.

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Previous Episode Recap!

Bocchi The Rock Episode 11 was titled “Duodecimal Sunset.” The episode saw Nijika and Ryo arriving at Kita and Bocchi’s school. The pair run into Kita, who tells them Bocchi has gone missing. A friend of Kita informed them that Bocchi had said she would go to the washroom but never returned. Kita, Ryo, and Nijika are later seen on a search for Bocchi. At the same time, Bocchi was at a location where she was going through fan comments to get some comfort.

However, she stumbled upon some rude comments, which led to her losing confidence and feeling bad. The friends end up finding Bocchi and visiting different school festivals together or even visiting a cafe. Despite how she felt earlier, Bocchi was still able to have fun with her friends and enjoy her time as a high school student.

bocchi the rock episode 12 spoiler

Bocchi The Rock Episode 12: Release Date

The exciting performance of the Kessoku Band will finally take place during the beautiful festival of Christmas. Be sure to catch the band’s live performance on December 25, 2022, on Crunchyroll. However, details on the streaming of the new episode have not yet been revealed. How excited are you to see the band finally perform? Stay updated with The Anime Daily for more updates and details.

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