Bocchi The Rock Episode 6: ‘Eight Views’ Release Date, Plot & More

Bocchi The Rock Episode 6

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The anime crowd is thick in Fall 2022. And Bocchi The Rock is the gem of this season. Coming out of your shell is never too easy. But in the latest episode, our Bocchi was in the limelight for the first time! Fans finally saw some growth in her introverted life. Her new band performed their first song. And she even got her first paycheck! How does this show just keep on getting better with each episode? Check out the plot and release date of Bocchi The Rock Episode 6 while you wonder about that.

Kessoku Band’s journey has just begun. Nevertheless, Bocchi’s next challenge awaits her. Now she needs to work even harder for her band. Will she succeed? Or will she retreat to her room? Keep reading to know more.

Bocchi The Rock Episode 6

Bocchi The Rock Episode 6: What Will Happen Next?

Kessoku Band’s concert is in 10 days. And Bocchi is anxious about her 5-ticket quota. She needs to sell them by the week. Bocchi The Rock Episode 6 will likely revolve around this task. Now Bocchi has social anxiety. It is quite hard for her to reach out to people. She is thinking of the list of people she can invite. How about her dog, her parents, and her sister? The title of the new episode will be “Eight Views.”

Jokes aside, fans may wonder when she would reveal her true identity. After all, she is the famous guitarhero. If she reveals, Bocchi will get far more than her limit of five tickets. But it’s possible that she doesn’t want to mix her social and online lives. While it’s up to her, let’s hope that she will come up with a plan in the next episode. Bocchi’s cute reactions and relatable moments will keep the fans going. Meanwhile, her band continues to seek new people for the tickets. So, fans may also expect to see fresh faces.

Bocchi The Rock Episode 6

Previous Episode Recap!

The sixth episode of Bocchi The Rock, titled ‘Flightless Fish,’ was all about growth. The Kessoku Band girls got their first paycheck. But sadly, they had to give up that money for their concert quota. Nijika and Ikyuo discussed how an album creation costs so much. So they decided to explore part-time jobs. Bocchi anxiously asked if she could give her guitar for a loan. But the talk stopped when Ryou played her newly composed music. The music was quite impressive. Ryou gave credit to Bocchi’s lyrics for this. Excited, Nijika then asked her sister to hold a concert for them. But Seika refused.

Nijika sulked and ran off upon hearing this. But Seika asked Bocchi to relay a message to her sister. The condition was to give an audition if they want to hold their concert. This lifted up the girls’ mood. They decided to put in their best efforts. In the meantime, Bocchi thought about what it meant to grow. Thus, her viewpoint shifted. On audition day, the band played their debut song. The song’s name was Guitar, Solitude, and The Blue Planet. Seika pointed out their flaws. And it created much anxiety among the girls. But ultimately, they passed. From the performance, Seika saw much potential in Bocchi. She tried to open her up. But instead, Bocchi got the wrong idea and got anxious. Now the members must sell tickets for their next life.

Bocchi The Rock Episode 6

Bocchi The Rock Episode 6: Release Date

The anime series by CloverWorks airs weekly. Bocchi The Rock Episode 6 will be out on November 13, 2022. The next outing appears to be on schedule. Fans can watch the show on Crunchyroll. We will be sure to keep you updated. So keep checking back on this page. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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