Bofuri Season 2 Episode 5: The Next Battle Awaits! Plot & Release Date

Bofuri Season 2 Episode 5

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With Payne’s team in the lead and Mii’s team hot on their heels, the competition was fierce. But our dynamic duo of Mappy and Sally is not one to be underestimated. As they pushed toward the final boss, Maple, and Sally faced a great hurdle. In the last episode, their resolve pays off after they clear the last floor. So here is all you need to know about  Bofuri Season 2 Episode 5 release date & plot!

Next time in Bofuri Season 2, even though Payne took the crown this does, Mapple will bounce back. Things are about to get competitive for everyone. It will be interesting to see how this story progresses in the future. So keep reading to find out all the details!

Bofuri Season 2 Episode 5Bofuri Season 2 Episode 5

Bofuri Season 2 Episode 5: What Will Happen Next?

The title of Bofuri Season 2 Episode 5 will be Maxing Defense and Tentacles. The next episode begins with the winning teams celebrating their victory. Maple and Sally, along with Payne’s team and Mii’s team, are all at a grand party to mark the end of the event. They dance, eat, and drink together. And finally, they congratulate each other on a job well done.

As the teams prepare to leave, they receive a surprise invitation to participate in a special event that will take place in a few weeks. The event is said to be even more challenging and will test their skills to the limit. The teams are excited to hear the news and start to prepare for the upcoming event. It is a chance for Mapple to take the top spot. This time Sally, too, must prove her worth!

Bofuri Season 2 Episode 5Bofuri Season 2 Episode 5

A Quick Recap!

The title of Bofuri Season 2 Episode 4 was ‘Maxing Defense and Tower Conquest.’ Maple and Sally powered through the event, poised to finish quickly. They took a short breather on the fourth floor, where they easily defeated the boss. Meanwhile, Maple Tree was making steady progress on their floor. And Sally managed to survive a horror-themed floor by hiding in Maple’s mouth. Frederica and Payne’s team were in the lead, followed by Mii’s team, with Maple and Sally hot on their heels. 

While they rested, Sally found out that Payne’s team had already reached the eighth floor. And Mii updated Maple that they were on the seventh. The competition was fierce, but the top three remained unchanged: Payne’s team, Mii’s team, and Maple and Sally. The final boss proved to be a tough challenge. But Maple and Sally overcame it with their resolve and cleared the final floor. At the end of the event, Payne’s team took first place, Mii’s team came in second, and Maple and Sally rounded out the top three.

Bofuri Season 2 Episode 5Bofuri Season 2 Episode 5

Bofuri Season 2 Episode 5: Release Date

There is no break in the release date as of now. Season 2 airs weekly on every Wednesday. Bofuri Season 2 Episode 5 will come out on February 8, 2023. Fans can catch up on the show on Crunchyroll. Meanwhile, keep checking back on this page for more updates. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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