Boruto Chapter 77: Battle For The Future! Release Date & Plot

Boruto Chapter 77

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In Boruto Chapter 77, prepare to delve deeper into the conflicts and secrets that drive the plot forward. As the characters navigate new hurdles, they will test alliances and unveil secrets. The stakes are high. And every move counts as our heroes strive to protect their loved ones and their village. So, it is that time of the month when we catch up with a new Boruto Chapter. Without taking much of your time, here is all you need to know about the next one!

Next time in Boruto, Momoshiki will finally come out of the bush and confront the blonde ninja. The plot may head to a new conflict. But it will all depend on Kawaki. So keep reading to find out!

Boruto Chapter 77

Boruto Chapter 77: What Will Happen Next?

The title of Boruto Chapter 77 is still under wraps. Chapter 77 will see a fight between Boruto and Kawaki. Given Boruto’s recent vision of the future and Kawaki’s overprotectiveness towards Naruto, it’s likely that Kawaki may view Boruto as a threat. This faceoff could potentially occur if Momoshiki decides not to take over Boruto’s body. Tension will fill the plot as the two boys face off with their distinct powers and viewpoints.

Isshiki’s previous host will abruptly halt the fight between Kawaki and Boruto by launching a sudden raid on Konoha. This could also show the true might of the Senrigan and Eida’s loyalty to Konoha, assuming Eida does not betray the village. With the next chapter, we may finally figure out the true extent of the cyborg’s powers. Momoshiki seemed to have a grasp of it. But Kawaki’s interruption during their telepathic exchange left fans in the limbo.

Boruto Chapter 77

A Quick Recap!

In Boruto Chapter 76, A Girl’s Sanctuary, the story continued from the last chapter as Shikamaru used Eida’s Senrigan to confirm Amado’s motives. Despite Amado’s actions not being a threat to the village, Naruto chose not to intervene in the private matter. The chapter delved into the dynamics of the new housemates as Uzumaki Boruto tried to adapt to the Cyborg siblings. However, a conflict arose when Kawaki criticized Eida for using Boruto as Ten-Tails fodder.

This led Eida to ask Sarada and Sumire to come over. Eida took the two girls to her room to confide her crush for Kawaki and seek their opinion. At the same time, they found out they were immune to her love charm. They informed Shikamaru through telepathy, and Momoshiki’s voice was heard in Boruto’s mind. The chapter ended with Momoshiki’s voice still lingering and Kawaki demanding to reveal himself.

Boruto Chapter 77

Boruto Chapter 77: Release Date

Boruto Chapter 77 is set to release on January 20, 2023, at 12 AM JST. It promises to be filled with more twists and turns than you can shake a shuriken at! But before you start your reading marathon, remember that spoilers are like pesky flies – they always find a way in. To avoid any spoilers and to get the full experience, make sure to catch the official release on Viz and Manga Plus platforms. And for those who can’t wait for the official release, The Anime Daily will have all the latest updates and exclusive content. Stay tuned!

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