Boruto Episode 274: A Flightless Hawk! Release Date & Plot

Boruto Episode 274

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Finally, the Academy arc is over, and Kawaki will say goodbye to the academy and wait for his new mission. But this time, the focus will be on the titular character. Boruto Episode 274 will bring a never-seen-before bird that can fly without getting tired. Is there really such a bird? Well, Boruto will finally learn about it in this episode, and things won’t be in his favor. Keep reading to know more.

The following storyline will shift its focus to Boruto. Now he will be assigned to go on a challenging mission. But he won’t be alone. His ally will help him in this mission. However, they need to stay alert as their enemies are also eyeing their target.

Boruto Episode 274

Boruto Episode 274: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming episode, titled “A Flightless Hawk,” will focus on a new arc. After Kawaki defeated Assassin Hana, they finally said goodbye to the princess. So now the focus will once again shift to our titular character- Boruto. He will go on a mission with his ally. They are asked to find the flightless hawk. As per the preview, the hawk flies for several kilometers without stopping and draining much energy. So they need that hawk for their mission. Boruto will be surprised to hear it.

Meanwhile, their enemies will also learn about a flightless hawk. They want that hawk to work for them and use it as a greater source to defeat their enemies. So Boruto has to rush and find the hawk before their enemies find it. But it seems like luck won’t support Boruto this time. Someone has already decrypted the hawk’s location and will catch it too. Now Boruto will have to fight with the person to get that hawk.

Boruto Episode 274

A Quick Recap!

In Boruto Episode 273, Himawari and Kawaki confronted Hana. Himawari asked her whether she was their teacher she revealed that it was her other personality she used during the mission. When Kae justified it, Hana used fireballs to attack Kawaki and Himawari. But they successfully dodged the attack. Kawaki decided to kill Hana, but Himawari reminded him that her teacher Hana would also die. Hana said the teacher was as good as dead. Hana used the dark fireballs again, and Kawaki headed to protect Himawari. She continued to attack, and they continued to dodge those attacks. After seeing her attacks fail, she manipulates Kawaki, behaving like Teacher Hana.

Eiki led the rest of the students toward the harbor. Kae stated that Hana wouldn’t have enough chakra, but she revealed that more allies were coming. That would overpower them. Kawaki asked Himawari to use her power to see Hana’s location. Himawari spots Hana with her partner Byakugan. The rest of the class also helped them to block Hana. Defeated by them, Assassin Hana tried to kill herself, but Teacher Hana fought her. The class encouraged Teacher Hana to continue fighting with Assassin Hana. Soon help arrived, and the class later reunited. Kae said goodbye to her classmates and left the academy.

Boruto Episode 274

Boruto Episode 274: Release Date

Boruto will face a challenging task in the upcoming episode. It will let him explore the backstory behind the flightless hawk and its relationship with their clan. Boruto Episode 274 will release on November 6, 2022, at 5.30 pm JST. It will be available on Crunchyroll. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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