By The Grace Of Gods Season 2 Episode 7: Selling A New Invention! Release Date

By The Grace of Gods Season 2 Episode 7 preview

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Ryouma will be using his new invention and selling it to the high nobles.

By The Grace of Gods Season, 2 Episode 7 will be another heartwarming episode to slowly say goodbye to this winter season. Despite how difficult it was for Ryouma in episode 6 to deal with the slimes, he overcame the challenge. Each episode of the series shows Ryouma growing more and more as a person. Fans on the internet have also personally been loving Ryouma’s character development. Moreover, Ryouma is also looking forward to seeing how the slimes will grow. So, here are all the details for the upcoming episode.

It seems that in the upcoming episode, Ryouma will be showing off his new invention. Moreover, he will also be putting his invention to use. He will be selling it to the nobles and might even slowly make a name for himself. It will be interesting to see how Ryouma will continue to shine in the upcoming episodes. he is trying his best to boost his rank as an adventurer. Since it will be difficult to give him a rank, he is putting in all the effort that he can. So, keep reading to find out more.

By The Grace of Gods Season 2 Episode 7 cBy The Grace of Gods Season 2 Episode 7 c

By The Grace of Gods Season 2 Episode 7: What Will Happen Next?

Episode 7 of the anime will see Ryouma meeting a man. This man will help him to put his new invention to use and sell it to the nobles. The man happens to be the same person he came across after making a delivery. Moreover, this delivery will be special as it will help him to boost his rank to rank C. Later on, his invention attracts the attention of Serge Morgan.

Ryouma’s new invention is a musical box. Serge Morgan advises Ryouma that he should go to his new client. Here, he will come across a new challenge and will have to find a new footing which will help his business grow even more. Ryouma will also have to prepare himself to go into the forest once again so that he can get back his belongings.

By The Grace of Gods Season 2 Episode 7 teaserBy The Grace of Gods Season 2 Episode 7 teaser

Previous Episode Recap!

By The Grace of Gods Season 2 Episode 6 was “Ryoma and the Magic Item Market.” The episode sees Ryouma dealing with a situation as the new slimes are going through some changes. The clean slimes have grown to the point where they can clear many things. Seeing this, Ryouma is excited to see how the slimes will continue to grow. Later on, Ryouma also meets some children and helps them with their carriage. The children also ask him to help clean the church, during which he meets god Fernobelia.

After Ryouma is done cleaning up, he has some training exercises with the children and Worgan. There, he gets invited by Worgan to become a combat instructor at their guild. Ryouma is seriously considering the offer as he wishes to help out the villagers as much as he can and repay their kindness to them.

By The Grace of Gods Season 2 Episode 7By The Grace of Gods Season 2 Episode 7

By The Grace of Gods Season 2 Episode 7: Release Date

There is no break in the release of the new one. Thus, the new episode will be out on February 19, 2023, at 9:30 pm JST. Fans can officially watch the new episode on Crunchyroll. So, for further updates, keep reading The Anime Daily for more.

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