Chainsaw Man Denji Death: A CSM Universe Without Denji? Everything to know!

Chainsaw Man Denji Death

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Chainsaw Man Denji Death is a line that one may be oblivious to at first. One could argue that Denji is immortal. He had fused with Pochita to become a hybrid. Thus, Denji should be immortal like any other devil. In reality, there is another way to choke Denji to death. But is there a real possibility that he will die in the series? Throughout the story, we have seen Denji in tough spots. Every time he loses a limb, gets injured, or even sliced in half. Considering the death of major characters from manga, fans should be more open to possibilities. 

in this article fans will find out if Denji will die. We’ll also look at when he could die in the series. Furthermore, will the plot be better off without him? If that’s the case, how will the author fill the void? So, without further ado, let’s get into the specifics! We will dissect all of the data for you.

Chainsaw Man Denji Death

Chainsaw Man Denji Death: Will Denji Die?

Chainsaw man is currently the most hyped anime of fall 2022. It has piqued the interest of even those who have never seen an anime before. From gut-busting comedy to brutal blood-spilled fights, CSM never fails to manage the goofy aspects of its characters. And who could be a more relatable protagonist than Denji? Thus, his death may be unwelcoming for many. After all, his mission to live an ideal life has only just begun. And fans are rooting for it to happen. 

Theoretically, yes, Denji can die. Mangaka Fujimoto has concluded Denji’s arc in the first part of the manga. The next ones seem to focus on the other devils. As a result, our hero may not be relevant for future plots. Currently, in the anime, he is unlikely to die any time soon. So, that’s a relief for anime viewers. But there is a real chance that he may die in the next arc. Keep reading to know all the details!

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Chainsaw Man Denji Death

How Will Denji Die?

Fans are aware that Pochita still exists, thanks to manga spoilers. He and Denji have united to become his heart. That’s why if an enemy rips his heart, Denji will die. Pochita may not die. But by ripping him off, Denji will lose consciousness. But wait! In the manga, we’ve seen other hybrids get harmed in the area where their devils live. Reze was beheaded and then healed. The Katana man had his heart shattered and repaired. But in Denji’s case, it is different.

Chainsaw Man Denji Death may come in the later arcs. Pochita is literally Denji’s heart. If an enemy pulls him apart, Denji will lose a lot of blood. His blood circulation will cease. And if Pochita does not reconnect with his body, Denji will perish. Moreover, Denji always needs blood to heal and regenerate. In the final chapters of the first part of the manga, he even claims that he would have died if it weren’t for Power’s blood.

Chainsaw Man Denji Death

Chainsaw Man Denji Death: The Conclusion

In the following arcs, Denji will have to be careful. He is strong and highly regenerative. But there are many agile enemies around. They may easily outwit him. However, Denji must respect Pochita’s contract. He is growing, and his life is rapidly changing. He might not be able to uphold the Hero of Hell’s principles in later plots. In case he breaches the contract, Chainsaw Man Denji Death is imminent. Nobody is immortal. For some, it merely takes unique ways to die. In the anime, Denji will realize it the hard way while dealing with the Control Devil.

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