Chainsaw Man Episode 8 Review: Ghost Devil Vs. Katana Devil! A Dark Turn Of Events

Chainsaw Man Episode 8 Review

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The latest episode of Chainsaw Man Anime was unlike any other. After the cliffhanger of episode 7, fans were expecting the story to take a hot turn. The shippers were looking forward to the make-out scene, but Denji refused to have sex. Unlucky for him, it was his last chance. Himeno turned out to be a limited Edition. The slice of life setup at the start of Chainsaw Man Episode 8 quickly distorted to despair. It was always looming, but now the chaos is finally here. Will Himeno make a comeback? Well, the answer is not easy. Here is a brief Chainsaw Man Episode 8 Review that will make you come to a conclusion!

The animation style changed greatly to match the somber tone in Chainsaw Man Episode 8. Riddled with tons of POV shots, the different framings made it feel immersive to the fans. And it definitely heightened the experience of the sexual tension between Denji and Himeno. But would it have been better if Denji resisted to go out with her? Keep reading to find out more!

Chainsaw Man Episode 8 Review

Chainsaw Man Episode 8 Review: Later In the Morning

After the makeout scene, the story moves over to the next day. The plot revealed that they never made out. There is a good reason why. Denji’s feelings toward Makima have made him a loyal pet. And then, there is a lollipop scene, where they exchange an indirect kiss. These moments were the stepping stones to build up our focus on the characters before a transition takes place later in the story. The chat on the balcony with wide angle view, extra close ups, and third eye perspective of Himeno and Denji reels us into the subtle details even more. The chat came to a close when both agreed to help each other in their love pursuits.

The plot hook made it feel like Himeno would take on a lead role and stay. But it was too good to be true. Something felt off halfway before the episode. Right then, the panel turns to Makima. As she sat on her train seat, the clear noise of bags unzipping made the fans anxious. And then a loaded gun barrel goes down on her. While the murder of Maki and others surely left the fans heartbroken, the episode’s focus was on Himeno. Is she the crux Fujimoto is planning to set up for the coming plot?

Chainsaw Man Episode 8 Review

Katana Man’s Debut & Himeno’s Farewell!

The story goes back to Denji, where he eats with his friends. Next to him is a man interrupting their chat. The setting turns quiet. And whatever the man was saying to them didn’t make sense until Denji saw a picture of the old Yakuza he was under. This is where things escalate, and the story peaks. This is where Aki pulls out his sword for the first time. The fox devil showcased itself in an iconic shot. The fight between the man, who turned into a Katana Devil, and Denji did a fine job in capturing the brutality of Katana Man.

While everyone is injured, Himeno stands up and trades her life to Ghost Devil. Aki’s dreams and all the hard work quickly shatter when he sees Himeno disappear. The saddest part was when Aki turned around and saw her leftover clothes. The shift in change between the main characters is apparent. Himeno filled well in the trope of an early mentor’s death. This will push Aki for a more prominent role in the coming storyline. He is the heartbeat of Denji and power’s lifestyle. And because Aki is not unique in a sense to stand out in the story, Fujimoto had to trade characters close to him to bring him to the frontstage. Only time will tell how he is crucial for the next plot.

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Chainsaw Man Episode 8 Review

Chainsaw Man Episode 8 Review: Conclusion

Himeno is such a tragic character. She played her roles perfectly, much like how Fujimoto planned her to be. It’s honestly ironic that she made a pact with the ghost devil. After all, what is the concept of a ghost than a spirit refusing death? So far, she mourned others’ death. Now, her only wish is for Aki to mourn for her. She has joined her buddies and has become a ghost that haunts Aki. To kill off a character with a lot of potentials is deliberate. It just shows how fragile life is in the world of Chainsaw Man. Everyone gets an equal chance of dying. And it also makes the characters more real and relatable. Here we conclude Chainsaw Man Episode 8 Review! Stay tuned to The Anime Daily for more updates.

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