Chainsaw Man Power Reincarnation: ‘The Reset!’ Will The Character Ever Return? All Theories Explained

Chainsaw Man Power Reincarnation

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Ever since Power’s death, there is always a question that plagued the Chainsaw Man fandom. Will Power make a comeback? If so, how is that going to work? Power is too popular a character to remain dead. And her popularity is skyrocketing with the weekly anime outings. In the manga, Power even makes a contract with Denji. She asks him to find her again. So what’s going on? In this article, we will explain Chainsaw Man Power Reincarnation. Stick till the end to know her ultimate fate!

Fans aren’t sure if Fujimoto will bring her back again. Aki, Makima, and other major characters are dead. So there is a lot of skepticism around. However, the creator made a major manga-related announcement recently. It may be a spin-off or even a sequel. It may well revolve around Power or the aftermath of her death. She is, after all, a devil. Death does not work the same way for them as it does for us. Keep reading to know everything about her return

Chainsaw Man Power Reincarnation

Chainsaw Man Power Reincarnation: Will Power Return?

If you read Fujimoto’s older works like Fire Punch, you’ll notice a pattern. After a character’s arc is over, Fujimoto doesn’t extend more on their stories. He wraps up their chapters and moves on. But, one can understand Fujimoto’s viewpoint. It allows fans to view the CSM universe via a different lens. Though, Fujimoto switches between characters to keep the plots connected. So, will Power ever return? Well, there is no simple answer to this. 

However, the final chapters of Part 1 of the manga suggest Power will indeed be reborn. Denji made a contract with her. So in case she returns, he will need to track her down. Fujimoto, needless to say, may have stored in a slight twist for the fans. It is possible that Power will return, but the mangaka won’t choose to cover it in his story. Fujimoto may leave the aftermath of her return to the readers’ imagination. On a second note, if he covers her story, Power won’t be the same girl you knew! This has to do with how devil reincarnation works in the CSM world. So read on to know more!

Chainsaw Man Power Reincarnation

How Does Death Work In The CSM Universe?

In the manga, the characters revealed that once a Devil dies on earth, they return back to hell. Devils are basically immortal. They travel back and forth between the world. If they die in hell, then they spawn down to earth. But Chainsaw Man Power Reincarnation is a different case. Power is a fiend. When a devil takes over a human corpse, it becomes a fiend.

Fiends actually retain the personality of the human corpse. And the memories they create will store in their human part. If a friend dies, the devil part will return back to hell. In hell, if the devil gets killed, it will reborn on earth again. However, they lose all the prior memories. Nayuta, for example, couldn’t recall anything about her past. This is obvious from the fact that their prior human body gets destroyed. Their personality may remain the same. But they will have to start from square one in their new body. 

Chainsaw Man Power Reincarnation

Chainsaw Man Power Reincarnation: The Conclusion

Power’s death was overall very influential on Fujimoto’s narrative. Her demise was critical to Chainsaw Man’s initial success as a Manga. For fans, it was an emotional climax. Bringing her back at this point might actually ruin the plot thread. Fans have liked how things progressed in the latest arcs. As of now, Power is very much dead. Memories define who we are as people. And The Blood Devil has lost all the memories.

However, mangakas will occasionally throw a plot armor. Fans have already seen what true love in the manga does to seemingly impossible memory recovery. Finally, we shouldn’t forget that the Blood Devil is out there somewhere. And knowing Denji, he will not break the promise to find her.

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