Dark Gathering Anime: Lined Up For Summer’23! Release Date & More To Know

Dark Gathering Anime

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After a series of teasers, the makers of Dark Gathering Anime have finally revealed the release date. And once again, it’s that time of the year when makers drop spine-chilling shows for the fans. Do you think ghosts exist? Do you believe in spirits? These age-old questions have captivated generations, nations, and beliefs around the globe. It’s as though mankind grew with a notion of something beyond humanity. Something supernatural. Strap yourself in for this eerie and scary tale of Dark Gathering Anime. Here is all you need to know about the Plot, Cast & Release Date.

Dark Gathering Anime is based on the original manga of the same name. Kenichi Kondou has written and illustrated the manga. It began appearing in Shueisha’s Jump SQ magazine in March 2019. As of now, there are 10 Tankobon volumes. So there is enough source material for the anime.

Dark Gathering Anime

Dark Gathering Anime: Official Announcement

An update came in July 2022 that Dark Gathering Anime will get an anime adaptation. Now a new update is out on Sheuisha’s official page which spoiled the release date. Since then, many have stopped binging on the manga in the hope of an anime. Luckily, fans are getting close to the release date. Studio OLM is behind the production. Yes, it is the same studio behind the Pokemon series. OLM’s most recent success was Odd Taxi, which topped the charts in 2021.

Besides, Hiroshi Ikehata will direct the anime at the studio. Shigeru of Zombie Land Saga will write the scripts. And the character designer of popular Pastel Memories will also take the same role here. Kohta Yamamoto will look after the music, along with Shun Narita and Yusuke Seo. Apart from that, Nagata is the art director. And Ritsuko is the color designer. At the same time, Kohei is the sound director. The anime will star Yayoi, Keitaro, and Eiko as the lead characters.

Dark Gathering Anime

What Is The Anime About?

The series is about a young man, Keitaro, who bears an unusual curse. He has an innate interest in mystical things. But in Junior High, Keitaro accidentally made a spirit possess his friend. During this, he got an injury which led him to develop spiritual connections. This event caused him the great depression. And he became a shut-in. Since then, he hated spirits and wanted to eliminate them. The story begins when he meets a cute nine-year-old girl with two sets of pupils, Yayoi.

She hunts wicked spirits. Thus, Keitaro quickly resonated with her. Her main goal is to catch the evil spirit that took away her mother. When she died, the evil spirit didn’t let her mother’s soul pass on. Together, these two will go on an unusual journey to hunt them down. One might think that the premise is similar to Pokemon, except that they will catch spirits instead. However, the story is full of horror and gore.

Dark Gathering Anime

Dark Gathering Anime: Release Date

The 52nd issue of Shueisha’s Jump SQ announced the release date on November 28, 2022. Dark Gathering Anime is all set to debut in 2023. The anime series will air in the summer slate. No exact date of air date is out yet. But The Anime Daily team will update you as soon as there is some news. Just keep checking back on this page. Stay tuned!

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