Do Denji And Makima Get Together? Are These Two Couple In Chainsaw Man?

Do Denji and Makima Get Together

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Unlike most Shonen protagonists, Denji has other goals. After Pochita’s death, Denji only wishes to live his life to the fullest. These goals include experiencing his first kiss, mating with a girl, and eating all sorts of tasty meals out there. In a setting where the world is full of chaos, gore, and blood, Denji chooses to focus on himself. In doing so, author Fujimoto has challenged the stereotypical expectations of a Shonen hero. This has led fans to delve into Denji’s personal life. Since he spends much of his time gawking at Makima, fans are curious if they will ever be a couple. So, Do Denji and Makima Get Together? Here is all you need to know!

Makima seems to have an unusual interest in Denji since the beginning. She also believes that Denji might be able to defeat the Gun Devil. Is Denji unique? If so, is Makima’s interest in him limited to this reason? Does she truly love him, or is she just exploiting him? Keep reading to unfold!

Do Denji and Makima Get TogetherDo Denji and Makima Get Together

Do Denji And Makima Get Together: Love Or Stockholm Syndrome?

It is clear that Denji is head over heels for Makima. She was the first person to accept him despite his shortcomings. After Denji’s parents passed away, he inherited his father’s huge debt. The Yakuza controlled his life. And he had to live out every day to hunt down devils to repay the same. He didn’t have food nor any lavish place to live. Sometimes he had to eat rotten stuff off the floor. However, Pochita was the one who filled a part of him that longed for freedom. Everything changed after Pochita’s death.

The void that once suppressed his desires was now gone. At the perfect moment, Makima stepped into his life. She offered him a choice to live as a devil or a human. Denji chose the latter. Makima also made him promise to stay like her pet dog. Now that he had all the basic amenities he never had, Denji agreed happily. In the later episodes, fans saw how Denji was worried that he would upset Makima if he kissed Himeno. He even refused to have sex with her. Is it love or Stockholm syndrome that binds him to Makima? Keep reading to find out!

Do Denji and Makima Get TogetherDo Denji and Makima Get Together

Does Makima View Denji As A Potential Partner: Love Or Manipulation?

Makima is mysterious. She has an enigmatic aura that doesn’t seem to hint much about her love interests. She does show interest in Denji. But given how she is pulling unexpected moves in the anime, Makima’s end goal appears to be something big. She is manipulative and exploits Denji with sexual favors. This explains why she made Denji touch her breasts in exchange for killing the Gun Devil.

Chainsaw Man Episode 9 also hinted that Makima doesn’t care much about Denji. She was worried that enemies might target his heart. Fans already know that Pochita is Denji’s new heart. Therefore, she doesn’t actually view him as a romantic partner but only sees him as a key to a much greater purpose. With each episode, it is becoming obvious that Makima is cold, ruthless, and doesn’t know the meaning of love, just like Denji.

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Do Denji and Makima Get TogetherDo Denji and Makima Get Together

The Conclusion

So, Do Denji and Makima Get Together? According to the manga source, Makima and Denji don’t become a couple. In fact, there are more revelations about Makima to come forward. Fujimoto has done a great job with Denji’s character arc. Denji sees Maslow’s hierarchy not as a pyramid but as two breaks: needs and affection. He will slowly learn to differentiate all types of affection. Denji needs to know the difference between friendly concerns and romantic intimacy.

An ordinary friend gives varying amounts of attention. But a person who is romantically interested in the other will evoke intimacy and feelings that one doesn’t feel with just anybody. If Denji wants to be socially happy, friendship is a great way to start. Finally, in a metaphoric way, Denji actually becomes one with Makima at the end of CSM manga part one. For more such topics, stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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