Dragon Ball Super New Arc: What To Expect From The Next One? Release Date & More!

Dragon Ball Super New Arc

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After a short break, the Dragon Ball Super manga will resume with a new story arc. The series’ official website has announced its return. Chapter 88 will be released by the final week of December. For years, the manga has been translated and published in the Japanese magazine V Jump. If you’re looking for the latest chapter in English, you can check out Viz Media. In this new plot, Goten and Trunks are teenagers who become superheroes. So, without taking much of your time, here is all you need to know about Dragon Ball Super New Arc.

In the announcement, there was a hint about the next Dragon Ball Super manga arc. There were pictures of Goten, Goku, and Chi-second Chi’s child, and Trunks, Vegeta and Bulma’s son, on the main site. So, they’re both dressed like superheroes, hinting at an upcoming genre trend.

Dragon Ball Super New Arc

Dragon Ball Super New Arc: Official Announcement!

It was first reported and has since been verified by the Dragon Ball Official Site and the November 2022 issue of V-Jump, that Dragon Ball Super would resume publication on December 20, with the commencement of a new story arc. There will be a focus on Trunks and Goten. Two characters haven’ been given enough screen time. The audience, however, is well aware of this.

The manga will directly lead to what happens in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, with Gohan and Piccolo playing important roles. A poster for the new Arc was recently released on V-Jump. Its exact words read, “We’re going to depict DBS Super Hero beginning with a prequel (Goten and Trunks’ story).” This could indicate that the new Arc will begin with a prequel story before transitioning into a full adaptation of the Super Hero movie.

Dragon Ball Super New Arc

 What Will Happen In The New Arc?

The announcement of the Arc follows a recent trend in Dragon Ball of focusing on characters other than Goku and Vegeta. Not everyone was unaware of how much acclaim Piccolo and Gohan received for being the main characters. Dragon Ball has a large and diverse cast of characters. It would be great if future content continued highlighting more underutilized characters like Goten and Trunks.

In this new plot, Goten and Trunks are teenagers who become superheroes. So, this tale takes place before Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. A nice gesture of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was to give the duo some age. And have them participate in the decisive battle against Cell Max. In the end, they fused, much to the dismay of Gotenks’s supporters, who had hoped to see more than his flabby failing state.

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Dragon Ball Super New Arc

 Dragon Ball Super New Arc: Release date

The January 2023 issue of V Jump magazine, published by Shueisha, announced the 2023 release date for the Dragon Ball Super manga by Akira Toriyama. However, on December 21, 2022, a new Arc, or chapter, began in the comic. They completed the dance just as the credits rolled, but the viewers didn’t see the result. Hence there is still no definitive adult Gotenks design in the Dragon Ball canon.

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