Eleceed Chapter 221: Jiwoo’s New Ally! Release Date & Plot

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Since the Frame attacked the school, the awakeners have faced various challenges. First, they learned Duke is a traitor, just like the professor. But while they were trying to deal with it, Schnauder’s discipline arrived and created a mess. It seems like Jiwoo needs to stay in the academy to deal with them in Eleceed Chapter 221. Further, it looks like the Frame arc will take a twisting turn where everyone’s life will be on line again. Can Jiwoo save them? Keep reading to know more.

The forthcoming chapter will focus on Royst and his challenge. He will continue to evoke Jiwoo for combat. But someone will become a shield for Jiwoo and help him to learn about his opponent’s skills before combating. However, it will be tougher for that person to deal with Royst.

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Eleceed Chapter 221: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming chapter will continue to explore Jiwoo’s dilemma. Although Kayden had told Royst to back off as Jiwoo wasn’t prepared to fight him. But in order to test Kayden’s discipline skills, Royst started provoking him by saying it is a shame to hide behind Kayden despite being his discipline. It will provoke Jiwoo, and he will accept this combat to destroy Schnauder’s discipline.

However, Kayden will try to stop this menace as he knows Royst is way too stronger for Jiwoo to deal with now. But before Jiwoo can fight with Royst, Amyeong interferes and ask him to fight with him. Soon Royst will accept this offer and will charge an attack against Amyeong. It will help Jiwoo to learn about his opponent’s skills and Amyeong to prove his loyalty.

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A Quick Recap!

Previously in Eleceed Chapter 220, Schnauder’s disciple Royst attacked the school building. As soon as he attacked the building, the principal and the remaining professors gathered near the campus. The principal was wary of this energy and warned Royst to step back. She also asked him why he attacked the building a couple of days after Frame lost a match with the awakeners. Royst said he didn’t want to harm anybody, nor was he interested in the fight. He was just there to greet Kayden, as he learned Kayden was residing there.

It confused everyone, including Duke, who was keeping an eye on everything. Duke’s epilogue revealed that being the discipline of the Top 10 awakeners made their discipline powerful enough to deal with any. Soon Kayden arrived and asked Royst why he wanted to see him. However, Royst sugar-coated his words and stated he wanted to greet him on behalf of his master. He also revealed that he wanted to meet Kayden’s disciplinarian, Jiwoo Seo. After brief thinking, Kayden took him to meet Jiwoo. Royst urged Jiwoo to combat with him as he wanted to test his skills. But Kayden refused it and asked Royst to back off. But Royst cruel words provoked Jiwoo.

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Eleceed Chapter 221: Release Date

Although Amyeong move will help Jiwoo, how things will unfold remains unclear. Well, he isn’t prepared to fight against such a monster. So it will turn challenging for him. You will learn this in Eleceed Chapter 221, which will release on November 26, 2022. You can read it on Naver Webtoon and Kakao pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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