Eleceed Chapter 222: Jiwoo’s New Lesson! Release Date & Plot

Eleceed Chapter 222

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So far, we have seen our manhwa protagonist do his best to earn a name in the academy. He challenged many top rankers to make his way to the academy’s top student. However, after the appearance of Force, things turned a little hazy. Just when fans started believing that Jiwoo was way too stronger to deal with. Royst proved everyone wrong. Now, this week will be a learning experience for Jiwoo Seo in Eleceed Chapter 222. He might lose his morale. Let’s see how Kayden helps him.

Now in the forthcoming chapter, Jiwoo will learn he needs more training to reach the height where Amyeong and Royst are. He’s still weak and needs Kayden’s support in such a battle. So instead of jumping into the battlefield, he must listen to Kayden, unlike the last time when Amyeong’s interference saved him.

Eleceed Chapter 222

Eleceed Chapter 222: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming chapter will open up with Jiwoo dealing with Amyeong. He will ask whether he’s alright and needs Jiwoo’s help. But he will be shocked to see that Amyeong’s wounds will start healing without any external help. He will be surprised by this, but Curtain will explain that Amyeong is a healer and can handle the situation independently. But soon, the principal will interrupt their conversation. She will corner Amyeong and ask him to leave the academy.

Jiwoo will be surprised and try to interfere in their conversation. But Kayden will stop him. He will ask to leave the place as he has something to discuss with the principal. Is it related to Jiwoo and his safety? Well, it looks like it, though. Kayden may decide to leave the academy and relocate to Jiwoo’s house. Amid this, he will continue to train Jiwoo as he believes his discipline isn’t stronger enough to fight against Royst.

Eleceed Chapter 222

A Quick Recap!

In the 221st chapter of Eleceed, Royst challenged Jiwoo Seo to a fight. He managed to manipulate Jiwoo to join him on the battlefield. But before he could step forward, Amyeong showed up. Royst was confused to see him as he didn’t expect Amyeong to be around the academy. However, his next sentence left Royst confused. Amyeong challenged Royst to a duel. He wanted to protect Jiwoo as he was in debt. Jiwoo saved his life during their fight against the Force, and instead of leaving him alone to die, Jiwoo protected him.

As for Royst, he was fuelling his old grudges. He used to stick around Kayden before as he wanted to be picked by Kayden as his discipline. But Kayden rejected him, which still haunts Royst. So after learning about Jiwoo, he decided to get his revenge. However, this piece of information shocked Royst and Jiwoo. Later, enraged Royst accepted Amyeong’s challenge and beat him down mercilessly. Their fight took an intense turn, but Kayden asked Jiwoo to learn from their moves. As soon as the combat led to a bloody war, the principal arrived and ordered Royst to leave. Although he left the academy, he warned Jiwoo that he would return.

Eleceed Chapter 222

Eleceed Chapter 222: Release Date

Jiwoo will learn something from Royst and Amyeong’s battle. He will decide to follow in Kayden’s footsteps and have faith in his words before jumping to conclusions. Eleceed Chapter 222 will come out on December 2, 2022. You can catch it on Naver Webtoon and Kakao page. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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