Eren The Southpaw Anime: New Visual OUT! Release Date & More To Know

Eren the Southpaw Anime

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Cartoon Network has licensed Kappi’s original manga, Eren the Southpaw. Since 2016, Kappa has been publishing this work in parts. In October 2017, Shonen Jump + started giving out the updated version. Eren, the southpaw Anime Based on the manga series “Hidarikiki no Eren,” this anime follows the adventures of a young boy named Eren. In October of this year, 2019, a real-life drama was filmed. Koichi Asakura and Ellen Yamagishi, two brilliant young designers at a big advertising agency, are the focus of this youth group drama. Both perspectives establish parallels between pain, difficulties, etc. The author, Kappa, also made a statement in the tweet that the animation promoted.

In 2017, Shueisha’s Shounen Jump + digital service published the manga in serial form. In the end, it included 206 chapters spread throughout 42 books. Kappy created the story and artwork for Eren the Southpaw, and the webcomic was first published on the cakes web manga site. Once Shueisha acquired the rights to the material, Nifuni provided the illustrations. Shihei Lin was in charge of editing the manga for Eren the Southpaw.

Eren the Southpaw Anime

Eren The Southpaw Anime: Official Announcement!

In 2017, a new manga version came out on Shonen Jump+. This time, the art style was nifuni. If all the legal problems can be worked out by October 2022, an anime version of the book will come out soon after. The Twitter account AniNewsAndFacts, which keeps up with the anime and manga industries, was the first to share the news. A tweet posted at the end of the news show suggests that Eren and Asakuri are hiding in the crowd and watching the people who are watching.

Kappy adds in his announcement tweet that he is devoting the effort to everyone who wasn’t born a genius. No fresh details have been disclosed. However, the writer has pledged to keep everyone informed as new information emerges. Soft arcs and muted tones characterize this piece of art. In the backdrop, you can make out a large number of smiling faces. The property is very well-liked in Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun. Furthermore, an animated version might potentially draw in even more viewers. It was announced in 2019 that Eren the Southpaw would be adapted into a television drama starring Elaiza Ikeda and Fuju Kamio.

Eren the Southpaw Anime

What Is The Plot?

Asakura Koichi is a graphic designer for a marketing firm where the story takes place. He puts in much effort, but his efforts go unnoticed. So that he can better understand who he is, he sets off on a trip to a significant location from his past. New York-based painter Eren Yamagishi represents the opposing side. Eren, aka “Southpaw,” has talent on par with a genius but is rarely recognized for it. Where will life take Eren and Koichi, and how do these two tales intersect?

Eren the Southpaw Anime

Eren The Southpaw Anime: Release Date

A manga that was supposed to end on October 8 received an extra chapter on Friday. Shueisha put out the last collected volume of the manga on Friday. However, It includes issues #24 and #23. In October 2019, Netflix will debut a live-action adaptation of the manga. However, there is currently no word about a release date. Stay tuned for more updates.

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