Eren Yeager towel figure’s uncensored reaction videos range from curious to hilarious as pre-orders about to end

eren yeager anime figure of him in towel

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eren yeager anime figure of him in towel
Fan reactions to this uncensored Eren Yeager towel figure have definitely been mixed. Pic credit: Banana Studio

At this point, almost every anime fan has seen the infamous Eren Yeager towel figure.

Like a major historical event, most Attack On Titan anime fans can even tell you exactly when and where they were exposed to the figure in all of its anatomically correct glory. Images of the figure trended on Twitter for days after they were first released.

With pre-orders for the figure recently ending on most distributer websites, it may soon be impossible to get your hands on one of these figures. Luckily sites like WeAreAnimeCollectors still have some available.

While not everyone may be interested in adding a figure quite so scandalous to their collection, that hasn’t kept anyone from giving their honest reactions to the collectible, and we’ve rounded up some of them.

What are people saying about the figure?

Of course, when a figure like this premieres, people are bound to talk about it. The Eren Yeager figure’s towel feature was wildly searched and discussed on platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok for several days after the first pictures came out. The way people felt about the figure definitely varied, but most users seem to find it either hilarious or unnecessary.

Please be warned that there may be explicit content in some of the following videos.

On Twitter, user @attackonshinee had one of the most popular reaction tweets saying, “I AM SCREAMING AT THIS EREN’S FIGURE OOMMGGGGGGG”, along with several photos.

The hefty price tag has definitely deterred some fans from purchasing the figure. User @roseoftarth tweeted, “I was joking with a friend that I’d buy them the d**k towel-rack Eren as a joke, but like…that price tag. Who is out here spending that much on lewd Eren Yeager figurines???”

@MidAgeOtaku tweeted, “Who the h*ll is going to buy an Eren Yeager with a towel over his b*ner?”

I think @samisuperfly summed up the phenomena best on Twitter saying, “I have unfortunately remembered the Eren Yeager towel figure and now I have to remind all my friends that it exists once again : )”.

a tweet ft the eren yeager towel figure
The Eren Yeager towel figure is living rent-free in most people’s minds still. Pic credit: @samisuperfly/Twitter

Fans on TikTok also had a lot of mixed reactions to the figure. User @kierstop posted this video that racked up over 143k likes.


LORD HAVE MERCY- #erenjaeger #attackontitan #eren

♬ original sound – torukfilms

TikTok user @mocha_1001 posted this video that honestly sums up a lot of fan reactions rather well.


All of a sudden I NEED a new towel rack🙃#aot #anime #erenjaeger #erenyeager #eren #attackontitan #erenfigure #attackontitanfigure #aotfigure #erensupremacy #aots4 #erenseason4 #attackontitanseason4 #aotseason4 #aotseason4part2 #figure #animefigure #animetiktok #2dsimp #animecharacters #manga #animeboy #animefyp #animetok #animefan #erensimp #weeb

♬ Gum chewing – Spirit❤️

Still some fans, like @tojischain, seem horrified in all the best ways.


im gonna overuse this vid btw🤗 #erenfigure #eren #erenjaeger #attackontitan #aot #fyp #fypシ #anime

♬ original sound – Follow @adam7474

If you want a more in-depth look at the Eren Yeager figure, YouTube user Goken spent over five minutes reacting to it.

You Won’t Believe This New Eren Yeager Figure…

You Won't Believe This New Eren Yeager Figure...
Watch this video on YouTube

What if I haven’t seen or heard of the figure?

There’s no shame in being late to the party, or maybe bath in this case. For those fans who haven’t heard of this figure, it’s a 1/6 scale figure of Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan created by Banana Studio. Before clicking on the link, just know that the pictures on the site are fairly explicit.

The figure is called “Eren Yeager out of the Bath”, which is a pretty nail-on-the-head description. It features Eren in front of a bathroom mirror, abs fully on display, with a towel to cover him.

While at first, it seems like an entirely innocent figure, it soon reveals itself to be a lot more scandalous than that. The figure is adjustable in just about every sense of the word. The description even states that the figure comes with not only adjustable towels but swappable private parts as well. Once you’ve seen the figure, it makes it easier to understand why Eren didn’t support Zeke’s sterilization plan.

Are there figures of other characters?

If a fully exposed Eren Yeager figure isn’t quite up your alley, maybe another character might be of interest?

Luckily, several other companies have put out some fairly scandalous figures of other characters as well. The Pieck figure from Rosa Studio is still available for preorder here. There was also a Mikasa figure, but it seems that one has been sold out for a while now.

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