Eternal Boys Anime: New Idol Group On The Rise? New Debut Song OUT! Release Date

Eternal Boys Anime

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If you are a K-pop or J-pop fan, you will surely love this ongoing anime series! However, this series comes with a twist. They are not an average idol group. But they are lovable nonetheless. A new recent announcement about The Eternal Boys Anime series has popped up. It is exciting, and Eternal Boys Anime has been sweeping fans off their feet. They are absolute heartthrobs despite their age. Who said idols necessarily have to be young? Keep reading to know more.

The anime initially premiered on October 10. The manga adaptation for the series is also currently underway. The serialization of the series started on April 15. The Eternal Boys Anime series collaborates with the Human Academy Performance Arts College. Eikyu Shonen Eternal Boys is currently ongoing and has garnered much popularity.

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Eternal Boys Anime: Official Announcement

The staff of Eternal Boys Anime revealed on Twitter that the series would run for half a year. It was also announced that it would have a total of 24 episodes. A video of the idol group’s song “Eternal” has also been released on the Youtube Channel. The debut song can also be seen in the recent seventh episode. The song was also digitally released on November 22, 2022. The song is available to stream on Spotify as well! Please give it a listen right now! 

Further announcements have not yet been announced yet. So far, the anime series has been streaming very successfully, and the songs are also a joy to listen to. The characters are also very entertaining and funny. Fans have to will have to wait to get more updates on the same.

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Plot & Cast Updates

The story’s plot is based on Manpuku Geino Productions, also known quite literally as Full Stomach Entertainment Production. The agency consists of a group of 40-year-old men called Eikyu Shonen, Eternal Boys. They strive to become idols. Eternal Boys Anime is about their story and how they try to get through the barriers of their age and physical conditions to become idols.

Migmi is directing the anime series. Kimiko Uena will be the series scriptwriter. Seiko Asai will also be adapting the original character designs. Ryo Tanaka and Yukari Hashimoto will also be responsible for the music. King Records will work on the theme songs for The Eternal Boys Anime series.

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Eternal Boys Anime: Release date

The anime started premiering on Fuji TV on October 10, 2023. It is an ongoing anime and has gathered its fanbase in this short time already. An advanced screening of the first four episodes of the series took place in Tokyo on September 17, 2023. If you haven’t, then do be sure to check out their latest debut song on either Youtube or Spotify! You will not be disappointed. Share in the comments who your bias in the group is. At last, keep reading The Anime Daily intel for further updates in the future.

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