Farming Life in Another World Episode 5: Curry & Surviving The Winter! Release Date & Spoilers

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The villagers will be entering a new season in Farming Life in Another World Episode 5. The last season was full of battles and dealing with internal demons. Hiraku had a hard life in the past. He was even admitted to the hospital because of sickness. He also wanted to be productive before the winter season came to an end. The previous episode saw Hiraku being extremely productive and bringing in a lot of improvements to the farm. Farming Life in Another World Episode 5 will see preparations for the winter season already. Moreover, Hiraku will come to realize what the elves are expecting from him. So, here are all the details for the upcoming episode.

Hiraku gets another chance to live his life once again. He is currently trying to make the best out of it. This journey of Hiraku’s that fans have been following along has been very intense and interesting. Moreover, as the episodes progress, the story of the anime is also starting to delve more into various details about the characters. So, keep reading to find out more spoilers for the next episode.

Farming Life in Another World Episode 5 c teaserFarming Life in Another World Episode 5 c teaser

Farming Life in Another World Episode 5: What Will Happen Next?

Episode 5 of the anime will be “Curry And Surviving The Winter.” The new episode will see the villagers of the farm entering the winter season. However, they are also all set to face the winter cold. Their preparations will bear fruit. They have onsen, honey, and salt for preserving the food. Moreover, several companions are also present at the farm who have made the village their home. The village also has fertile land to grow crops. Hiraku’s efforts and preparations will be tested in this winter season in the new episode.

Hiraku had been able to get by life through the help of his companions on the farm. However, in the upcoming episode, he will find out what the elves want from him aside from just-food and security. It so happens that one of his pets knows. Unfortunately, his pet is unable to talk.

Farming Life in Another World Episode 5 ce trailer.v1Farming Life in Another World Episode 5 ce trailer.v1

Previous Episode Recap!

Farming Life In Another World Episode 4 of the series was titled “Waterways Make Life Feel Complete.” The episode started with Zabuton capturing a Monster Queen Bee. She then gives it to Hiraku who makes a shed out of it for her to make a hive and produce honey. Hiraku also makes his very first rice field and makes fish rice balls from his first harvest. The villagers then construct a bathhouse and a second reservoir full of slimes to purify water.

Five more elves join the farm later as a result of which Hiraku makes more houses. Kuro the wolf also conveys his gratitude towards Hiraku for giving him and his family a home. Kuro is also convinced that Hiraku is not an average human being as he is surviving very well in the Death Forest and attracting so many wives for himself.

Farming Life in Another World Episode 5 c previewFarming Life in Another World Episode 5 c preview

Farming Life in Another World Episode 5: Release Date

The new episode will release on February 3, 2023, at 9 pm JST. The series will be available to watch on HIDIVE with English subtitles for international viewers. For further updates and announcements, keep reading The Anime Daily for more.

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