Farming Life In Another World Episode 7: A Hospitable Heart! Release Date

Farming Life In Another World Episode 7 c teaser

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Several new visitors come to the village in the previous episode. A wonderful meal is prepared by the visitors as they decide that the meat cannot be wasted. A new batch of wine is also being worked on at the same time. The village grows larger as all of the visitors bring their family members from nearby. Farming Life In Another World Episode 7 will see how the Demon King will handle the defeat of the Wyvern. It will be an interesting episode as difficulties are slowly arising for Hiraku now. So, here are all the details for the upcoming episode.

Something really dangerous about this new world has now been discovered. Moreover, while this new world seems to be full of joy and kindness, it seems like everything is not smooth sailing for Hiraku after all. An emergency surfaces in the previous episode. An argument also takes place. A monster also comes to destroy Hiraku’s new world. It seems like as the anime progresses, things will start getting difficult. So, keep reading for more spoilers about the next episode.

Farming Life In Another World Episode 7 c aFarming Life In Another World Episode 7 c a

Farming Life In Another World Episode 7: What Will Happen Next?

Episode 7 of Farming Life In Another World will be “A Hospitable Heart!” The episode will see the sender of the Wyvern happens to be the Demon King. He will be surprised on hearing about the Wyvern’s defeat. His advisers would tell him that it got hit by a weird attack. As a result of the attack, it fell and died. Moreover, as the farm has now become a village, more organizing and assigning roles will be given to the villagers.

Hiraku is now the mayor of the village. The upcoming episode will see Hiraku assigning Tu and Lia to be his second-hand workers as they were the first to arrive at the farm. The village will also grow a lot as they have plenty of laborers now. Moreover, more buildings and food sources will also start coming up. The village will start its barn or dairy section as well.

Farming Life In Another World Episode 7Farming Life In Another World Episode 7

Previous Episode Recap!

Farming Life In Another World Episode 6 of the anime was titled “This is a Village.” The episode begins with the spring season as a wyvern comes to attack the farm. It tries to destroy the farm by blasting fireballs. However, a barrier stops its attacks. Hiraku thinks of stopping the monster when a magic spear randomly appears in his hand. He defeats the monster and cooks up the meat. All the villagers enjoy the meal, and the defeat of the wyvern spreads to the other kingdom. Later, they decide on making wine, and the elves start stomping on the grapes. Plenty of barrels of wine are then made, and an argument over Hiraku’s state starts.

Lu’s sister gets caught by the wolves and ends up getting a free meal on the farm as an apology from the wolves themselves. She leaves to do research and returns after a week with maids and cows. Tia also returns to the farm with a bunch of soldiers and chickens. Daga and a group of lizards also become laborers at the farm. Hiraku and the other villagers name the village “The Great Tree Village.” They then celebrate the inauguration of the village.

Farming Life In Another World Episode 7 cFarming Life In Another World Episode 7 c

Farming Life In Another World Episode 7: Release Date

Well, on the good note, there is no break in the release of the new one. Thus, the new episode will release on February 17, 2023, at 10 pm JST. It will be available to watch on HiDive. For further updates, keep reading The Anime Daily for more.

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