Fire Force Season 3 – Everything We Know So Far

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Anime is a beloved form of entertainment that has captivated audiences for decades. Despite that, anime like ‘Fire Force is’ unique, So no wonder fans are asking about Fire Force Season 3.

In recent years, the industry has seen a significant surge in sequel green-lit, with more and more series getting a continuation.

So, it’s only fitting that one of the more popular anime series to have emerged in recent years, Fire Force, should get more seasons.

This show follows the story of firefighters tasked with combating spontaneous human combustion – a phenomenon where humans suddenly burst into flames without warning.

The Fire Force anime, an adaptation of Atsushi Ohkubo’s manga, has gained a loyal following among anime fans, and there are thousands of fans anticipating the release of the third season.

Despite the fact that not much is known about the upcoming season, fans are already buzzing with excitement. The second season of “Fire Force” left fans on the edge of their seats, with many questions left unanswered.

Will the main character, Shinra Kusakabe, finally uncover the truth behind his family’s tragic past? Will the Fire Force be able to put a stop to the mysterious Evangelist and their plans to destroy Tokyo?

While we may not have all the answers yet, one thing is for sure – the third season of “Fire Force” is sure to be just as captivating and action-packed as the previous seasons.

With its unique premise, stunning visuals, and lovable characters, this anime series is definitely one to watch. So sit tight, fans, and get ready for an explosive adventure with the firefighters of the Special Fire Force Company 8.

Release Date:

On May 16, 2022, “Fire Force” Season 3 was officially confirmed via the show’s Twitter account. Unfortunately, no specific release date or production updates have been announced.

The first two seasons premiered in July 2019 and 2020, respectively, but with the anime studio David Production currently working on “Undead Unluck,” it is unlikely that “Fire Force” Season 3 will be released in summer 2023.

Fans have speculated that it may not even be released in 2023 and potentially delayed until 2024.

The anime may also change studios, with potential new homes being Studio Trigger, Bones, Wit Studio, or Studio Pierrot.


Following the events of the Season 2 finale, it appears that Company 8 and the Evangelist are headed towards a bigger battle.

Shinra Kusakabe, the third-generation pyrokinetic, has reached a new level of strength and established an Adolla Link.

Based on the source material, which the anime has mostly followed, Season 3 will likely see Shinra and Company 8 facing off against their most formidable foe yet, Captain Barns of the 1st Brigade, and The Holy Sol Temple, the Empire’s dominant religion.

As the government is under the control of the Evangelist, Company 8 is branded a terrorist group, with Captain Obi imprisoned. The team will join forces with the antihero known as the Joker to rescue their leader.


An official list of “Fire Force” Season 3’s cast has not yet been released, but it’s expected that the original voice actors will reprise their roles.

The series features a talented voice cast, including Gakuto Kajiwara as Shinra Kusakabe, Yuusuke Kobayashi as Arthur Boyle, and Saeko Kamijou as Maki Oze.


“Fire Force” Season 3 promises to be another thrilling and action-packed season of this unique anime series.

While a release date has yet to be announced, fans can rest assured that the show is officially confirmed and in production.

With the show likely changing studios, it will be interesting to see how the series evolves and how the talented voice cast brings the characters to life.

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