Giant Beasts Of Ars Episode 3: Protecting The Bearer Of The Ring! Release Date & Plot

Giant Beasts of Ars Episode 3

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The wait is finally over as Giant Beasts of Ars Episode 3. In a surprising turn of events, Jiro had to join Myaa and Kumi’s team. The empire hunts down paladins, as told by Myaa. So Jiro has no choice but to remain in hiding. However, there is still a lot of mystery around the world setting. What are clerics, and who is Kuumi? Only the upcoming episode will unfold! Thus, here is all you need to know about Giant Beasts of Ars Episode 3 release date & plot.

Next time in Giant Beasts of Ars, a new group will begin a journey. But their adventure won’t be easy. The world of Ars is already in chaos. So will our heroes survive all the odds? Keep reading to find out.

Giant Beasts of Ars Episode 3Giant Beasts of Ars Episode 3

Giant Beasts Of Ars Episode 3: What Will Happen Next?

The title of Giant Beasts of Ars Episode 3 will be ‘Long Rain Village.’ As obvious from the title, the plot will see our heroes head to a new place. The group can’t stay in the empire as the troops are already on the hunt to put them behind bars. Meanwhile, the madman Lord Mezami wants Kuumi to return back as soon as possible. It is still not clear what a cleric is exactly. However, Kuumi is one of those. And she is surely someone special. The ring of promise also chose Kuumi as the rightful owner.

Legends say that bearer of the ring will one day bring peace to the world and save humanity from doom. This heavily implies that Kuumi will be the savior. Thus, there is no doubt that all the people will have their eyes set on her. As they head to a new place, the group must stay cautious. Meanwhile, Jiro will give it his all to protect her. He has lost his partner in the past. This time, he won’t repeat the same mistake. As for how Jiro fits in the quest to save the world with Kuumi, only Episode 3 will unfold!

Giant Beasts of Ars Episode 3Giant Beasts of Ars Episode 3

A Quick Recap!

The title of Giant Beasts of Ars Episode 2 was “The Covenant Ritual.” The plot began after Jiro rescued Kuumi from the troops and fled into the depths of the sea. Jiro was curious why a cleric was alone without a paladin escort. However, Kuumi was reluctant to reply. In a surprising change of scene, Jiro used Kuumi as some kind of special power to transform. His hair began to glow. Together, they defeated the giant beast who was haunting the city.

The next day, Myaa, Kuumi, and Jiro introduced themselves to each other in a safe place. Jiro began to explain the history of Ars. He also explained how formidable a cleric is. It can erase anybody who comes in contact with its miasma, as seen in Episode 1. But that’s where Paladins come into the picture. They channel the power of Clerics and use them as a vassal. Meanwhile, the troops were on the hunt again. Thus, Jiro decided to join Kuumi and Myaa on their journey.

Giant Beasts of Ars Episode 3Giant Beasts of Ars Episode 3

Giant Beasts Of Ars Episode 3: Release Date

Fans can apply the three-episode rule to this series. It seems that the group will finally go on a thrilling journey. Soon things will get interesting as Jiro and Kuumi unveil more mysteries. Giant Beasts of Ars Episode 3 will release on January 21, 2023. So keep checking back on this page for more updates. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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