Golden Kamuy Season 4 Delay: Season On Indefinite Break! When Is It Returning? Release Date & More

Golden Kamuy Season 4 delay

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There is a saddening piece of news for all the fans of Golden Kamuy. It already took many years for the new season to reach its audience. The news came from the official website and sources of Season 4 that the anime will be facing a delay. That is right, the following episodes will not make it to the screens anytime soon. So, what is the update on Golden Kamuy Season 4 Delay? Is this delay indefinite? Without taking much of your time, here is all you need to know about it.

Almost six episodes were remaining in the new season. And fans are driven by how well the anime caught up with the story. The reunion of Sugimoto and Asirpa took the fans by storm. Now, it will be interesting to see when these plotlines return to the screens.

Golden Kamuy Season 4 Episode 5

Golden Kamuy Season 4 Delay: Official Announcement

The news comes from the official website of Golden Kamuy. Fans got to know that there has been a passing away of one of the main staff of this anime. The name and identity of the man were not revealed to the public. But then, the news came in that the upcoming episodes of the new season will face a delay. As of now, Episodes 6 to 12 will face a delay of two weeks. However, the update is still indefinite. Does that mean that there would be a problem with the slots? Here is the answer:

Airing Slot Issues!

This issue popped up first in the case of 86 Eighty-Six anime. During the airing of the second season, the anime faced multiple delays seeking production of the same. And as time passed, there were no more airing slots left for the new ones to be fitted. Since then, the anime industry saw that delays always came with a cost. Golden Kamuy Season 4 Delay has a good chance of getting into a similar struggle.

But only two episodes are put under this eye as of now. Thus, two weeks’ worth of delay can be considered from the sides of the makers. Such things will only become clear as time passes. The final release date of the new one is yet to be announced. Keep reading further to know what may come up next.

Golden Kamuy Season 4 delay

Golden Kamuy Season 4 Delay: Release Date

Fans of the anime were already very happy seeing that their favorite show was coming back with a new season. However, the sudden change has brought down a lot of hope. As of the time of writing, the final release date is yet to come to the table. We will be sure to update this section as soon as there are more details. Home videos are also in talks as of now. Thus, keep an eye on this page to get all the latest updates of this right here.

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