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It’s been a month since fans last saw Iori on the pages. Busujima was setting up schemes to get pregnant with Iori’s child. Iori, on the other hand, made failed attempts. As much as he tried to resist, the thought of Busujima visiting his room alone turned him on. Thus, he gave in to the temptation. Yet, there is a saying that a battle is won before it is fought. The absence of a condom ruined his plans. Thus, the mood value in the room dropped. But fans don’t need to get anxious over Iori’s stupid blunder. Something spicy is coming in the next chapter. Here is everything you need to know about Grand Blue Chapter 81 Release Date & Plot

In the next chapter, the sexual friction is sure to increase between Iori and Busujima. Will Iori succumb to the temptation again? Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see how Chisa reacts to the duo. Keep reading to find out more!

Grand Blue Chapter 81

Grand Blue Chapter 81: What Will Happen Next?

The title of the next chapter is not out yet. In fact, the author stays usually pretty light lipped about the spoilers. But knowing what happened in the earlier outing, it’s obvious that Grand Blue Chapter 81 will focus on Busujima, Iori, and Chisa. While some fans ship Iori and Chisa together, it seems the mangaka has a different plan for Iori. Well, it is right that Iori and Busujima pair is pure comedy. Busujima pulls out the worst in him. Every time Iori makes up his mind not to get swayed by the temptation. But Busujima is always on a scheme to seduce him. Luckily, none of her tactics work in front of Chisa.

On the other hand, Iori will try to keep his sex drive low. Last time, he almost got caught cheating on Chisa. If she finds out that Iori is not a reliable partner, he will get kicked out of their house. Nanaka has entrusted Chisa to Iori. And she expects him to make Chisa happy. So, as a big sister, she will be furious. In the next chapter, Chisa will suspect that something is going on between the two. But anyway, she will later come to an understanding. Iori showed his cool side when the topic of breaking up came out. Hopefully, he will show his cool side this time as well.

Grand Blue Chapter 81

A Quick Recap!

The title of Chapter 80 of Grand Blue was ‘Bedtime Calisthenics’. The last chapter was all about Iori’s struggle to control himself. Busujima had schemed a plan to stay with Iori for the night. She would pretend she had nausea and make out with him. On their way to his house, Iori asked her not to try to fit in with his male group if she didn’t want to. She replied that she never intended to in the first place. Finally, they come to his place. She was disgusted to see the messy room. Iori apologized. But Busujima told him not to worry and cleaned his room.

While she cleaned, Iori creepily stared at her and got turned on. Suddenly, Chisa came to his room. Iori’s heartbeat skipped. Chisa noticed Iori had a girl come over. And gave a death stare to Iori. When she left, Iori continued staring at Busujima lustfully. This time he was ready to make out. But his evil sister called him on purpose to ruin the mood. Iori headed over to his drawer to bring out the condom. But he saw a maternity ward card. It reminded him of a few past events which doused his sex spirit. The chapter ended with Iori thinking he was about to take a wrong step. But the panel later revealed Busujima wanted him to continue.

Grand Blue Chapter 81

Grand Blue Chapter 81: Release Date

Grand Blue Chapter 81 will return before the new year. It will come out at the end of December 2022. There is no update on the exact release date yet. However, it will be available on the official page of Kodansha as soon as it is out. For more updates, keep checking back on this page. The Anime Daily team will notify you with the latest news. Stay tuned!

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