Gridman Universe Anime Film Reveals Final Release Date, Cast & Staff Details & More!

Gridman Universe Anime.

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There are Avengers fans, and there are Marvel fans. But superior to those two is the Gridman Universe! After the initial release of SSSS.GRIDMAN, requests for the return of an anime TV series have been requested. So, hold on tight, as the Gridman Universe Anime Film will be released soon! There have been several releases by the company producing more into this Universe franchise. Thus, without taking much of your time, here is all you need to know about the new update!

SSSS.GRIDMAN was one of the first releases of the Gridman Universe. Then came SSSS.Dynazenon. These two series’ successes are the reason for the new and upcoming Gridman Universe Anime Film. This film is sure to change the Gridman Universe franchise completely. This franchise has also inspired a stage play, a manga adaptation, and even a novel spinoff! Let us get right into the details of it.

Gridman Universe Anime Film visual (1)

Gridman Universe Anime Film: New Teaser OUT

A teaser trailer and a new teaser visual for the film were released on Sunday during the Gridman Universe Showcase. The teaser also gave details about the cast as well as the premiere date of the anime. Later on, a super teaser trailer was also released. 

Besides these details and announcements, there have been no other updates yet. However, due to the popularity of the Gridman Universe, there will be updates on the film very soon. Meanwhile, there have also been announcements on the cast and staff as well. You can check out the new trailer right here:

Plot, Cast & Staff

The cast from SSSS.GRIDMAN and SSSS.DYNAZENON will be returning for this anime film as well. However, fans can also look forward to meeting new cast members too. Suzuko Mimori and Akari Kito will be some of the new actors to welcome for this film. Others like Ryousuke Takahashi, Aoi Yuki, and Mayumi Shintani will join the cast. 

Akira Amemiya will also be directing the Gridman Universe Anime Film in the same way she directed the other two franchises. Keiichi Hasegawa will also be returning as the scriptwriter for the film. Masaru Sakamoto, the character designer, will also join the staff. Composer Shiro Sagisu is also returning to work on the music compositions for the film. However, there have been no specific details about this film’s plot yet. But, considering how loved the previous series was, it is no doubt that this will also be equally amazing.

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Gridman Universe Anime Film teaser

Gridman Universe Anime Film: Release Date

According to the announcement by the TRIGGER production company, the Gridman Universe Anime Film is set to premiere on March 24, 2023. SSSS.GRIDMAN and SSSS.DYNAZENON was streamed by Crunchyroll and Funimation when it aired in Japan. However, there have been no details on the streaming yet. Are you excited about this new anime film in the franchise? Please share it in the comments below! Keep reading The Anime daily Intel for more updates.

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