Handyman Saito In Another World Anime: New Casts & More Revealed! Release Date

Handyman Saito In Another World Anime

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An Isekai with an intriguing premise? Not as easy to mark this combination. Well, Kodokawa has recently dropped a new trailer. Handyman Saito In Another World Anime latest teaser offers new characters and more! Every year, the isekai wave brings out clichéd settings with stereotyped, overpowered heroes. And it seems the industry is just adding random words with ‘in another world.’ But Handyman Saito is not one of those isekai storylines that gets boring after four episodes. Thus, here is all you need to know about the Plot, Cast, and Release Date!

The manga first came out in October 2018. Author Kazutomo Ichitomo initially published it on ComicWalker. So far, seven volumes are out. Kadokawa will publish the next one on December 23. So, there is enough source material for the anime adaptation. The manga has sold over 300,000 copies! Keep reading to find out all the details!

Handyman Saito In Another World Anime

Handyman Saito In Another World Anime: New Trailer OUT!

The new promo video revealed new members. Lilyza and Gibble are opposite of each other. One is a thief and a wizard. Whereas the other is a swordsman. Gibble describes himself as the jack of all trades but a master of none. Lilyza seems to be a short girl with a weapon double her size. These two make an odd but great pair. Together they will go on an unusual journey. 

Toshiyuki Kubooka will direct the series at C2C studio. Yumiri Hanamori and Hinata Tadokoro will voice the pair. While it wasn’t in the teaser, the anime also revealed its closing theme music. Sunny Spot’s Saturation will be the ending song. Konoco will produce it. Earlier, the creators also announced its opening theme. Teary Planet will do the opening song, Kaleidoscope.

Handyman Saito In Another World Anime

What Is The Anime About?

The story is about a handyman, Saito. He is not the usual hero with maxed-out stats and magic. But does he need magic? After all, he has prior experience in a variety of fields. In the dungeon, Saito meets his new party members — a fairy, a magician, and a warrior. Together with the three, he will explore the depths. This is where his skill as a repairman will come in handy. Thus, Saito realizes his true value in the new world. Filled with gags, the anime series will also have serious plot threads. The series will follow the party’s journey as they go on helping others.

The main theme of the story is Knowledge Is power. It differs a lot from the usual magic is power plot. The isekai genre seems to be running out of ideas. But the new theme is gaining wide popularity among the fans. Isekai Pharmacy, for example, was a hit this year.

Handyman Saito In Another World Anime

Handyman Saito In Another World Anime: Release Date

On January 19, 2022, Kadokawa announced the anime adaptation on its official Twitter handle. The series is all set to debut next year. Handyman Saito In Another World Anime will release in January 2023. No exact date is out yet. Keep an eye on The Anime Daily. We will update you as soon as there is a piece of news. Stay Tuned!

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