Heat The Pig Liver Anime: Main Cast & Visual OUT! Release Date

Heat The Pig Liver AnimeHeat The Pig Liver Anime

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The year will end soon, and many isekai anime series are lining up for release. Another isekai storyline where the Protagonist reincarnates as an animal. The makers of Heat The Pig Liver Anime have revealed the anime’s main cast, visual and release date. So far, they have been teasing fans with small details. But now they have spilled all the beans. Here is everything you need to know!

Heat The Pig Liver Anime is based on the isekai light novel of the same name. The author Takuma Sakai has written the plot. And Asagi Tosaka is the illustrator. Since 2020, ASCII media works have published the light novel under their imprint. A manga adaptation is also in the works. So far, the light novel has three Tankobon volumes. Thus, there is enough source material for the first season of the upcoming anime. 

Heat The Pig Liver AnimeHeat The Pig Liver Anime

Heat The Pig Liver Anime: Announcement

In 2019, the Light Novel won the gold medal in the Dengeki Novel Prize. Following the popularity, the makers announced an anime adaptation of the light novel Heat The Pig Liver on December 11, 2021. Dengeki Bunko shared a promo video in 2021 which teased the voice actors. It has come to light that Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and Tomori Kusunoki will be the lead voice actors for the anime. The anime’s lead characters are Jess and Pig.

Satoi Shibuya will do the voice drama for the pig. On the other hand, Kana Ichinose will do the voice drama for Jess Yesma. The official Twitter handle also posted a visual image featuring Jess and Pig on December 9, 2022. Thus, fans have an idea about the character designs. However, other details about the director, studio, and other casts are yet to be out.

Heat The Pig Liver AnimeHeat The Pig Liver Anime

What Is The Anime About?

Heat The Pig Liver Anime is based on an isekai storyline. The plot follows the usual trope where the main character reincarnates into another world. However, this time the story is quite unique. Instead of reincarnating as a hero with maxed-out stats, the hero is now a pig with zero skills. In the original world, the hero ate raw pig liver. This led him to lose consciousness.

He wakes up and finds himself in a different setting. It’s a new world with swords and magic. However, what’s more surprising to the hero is that he is a pig now. He finds himself in the company of a cute girl, Jess. She can read minds, much like Fran from Reincarnated As A Sword. Initially, she planned to eat him. But using his great sense of smell and intelligence, Jess will embark on a new journey!

Heat The Pig Liver AnimeHeat The Pig Liver Anime

Heat The Pig Liver Anime: Release Date

Heat The Pig Liver Anime will debut in 2023. No exact date is out yet. However, fans predict that it will come out in summer’23. The makers haven’t released any info on where the anime will stream. Crunchyroll will probably get the license to stream the anime on its platform. However, keep an out on The Anime Daily for more updates on this anime. Stay Tuned!

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