Heaven Official’s Blessing Chapter 87: Xie Lian Uncovers The Secret! Release Date & Plot

Heaven Official's Blessing Chapter 87

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The upcoming outing of Heaven Official’s Blessing Chapter 87 will continue Xie Lian and Lord Windmaster’s quest. They were trying to find out the secrets of the labyrinth. Hua Cheng seems to be hiding something. And it doesn’t seem he wants to disclose it to anyone, including Xie Lang. Last time Xie Lian and Qingxuan were able to escape the monsters of the labyrinth. However, on their way to the Locked Palance again, they met an unexpected visitor. Here is all you need to know about the chapter 87 release date and plot.

Next time in Heaven Official’s Blessing Chapter 87, many revelations will come forward. Xie Lian is trying to put the pieces together. But something doesn’t seem right. What could have gone wrong in his calculations? Keep reading to find out!

Heaven Official's Blessing Chapter 87Heaven Official's Blessing Chapter 87

Heaven Official’s Blessing Chapter 87: What Will Happen Next?

Chapter 87 will look at Xie Lian and Qingxuan going into the locked palace again. After they teleported into the southern mountains, barbarians attacked them. Lord Windmaster said that these barbarians were cannibals. So the two officials ran to escape the hills without harming them. As interfering with these tribes could go against the order of Heaven. Xie Lian and Qingxuan plan to roll the dice again. However, this time they will remain cautious. One wrong toss may trap them again into the deep floors.

Last time they fell into a chamber of giant leeches. However, it’s still a game of chance. So only Xie Lian and Qingxuan can find out what lies ahead for them. Hua Cheng’s secret will soon come to unfold. He has cautiously kept things under the rug. On the other hand, they will help Lord Earthmaster to recover. It’s still a mystery why he suddenly intruded. Did Hua Cheng send him? However, the bigger concern is why Lord Earthmaster would spit blood. Chapter 87 will unfold!

Heaven Official's Blessing Chapter 87Heaven Official's Blessing Chapter 87

A Quick Recap!

Heaven Official’s Blessing Chapter 86 began Xie Lian and Qingxuan escaping into the Southern Mountain. However, the barbarians followed behind to hunt them. This made Qingxuan angry as they ruined his makeup. Qingxuan used his wind techniques to counter them. Thus, they made their way into the Locked Palace again. Xie Lian figured that the mechanism of the stone doors was similar to that of the distance-shortening array. However, Qingxuan replied that it would take a lot of spiritual power to shorten the distance.

This time in the labyrinth, they smelled blood. Quickly they followed the smell. Xie Lian and Qingxuan found Ming Xiong sitting on the floor. He pretended he didn’t recognize Qingxuan. However, the three definitely met each other during the half-moon pass. As they kept the conversation going, Lord Earthmaster began spilling blood. Xie Lian and Qingxuan quickly carried him in search of a healer. Thus, the chapter ended on a cliffhanger.

Heaven Official's Blessing Chapter 87Heaven Official's Blessing Chapter 87

Heaven Official’s Blessing Chapter 87: Release Date

Xie Lian will continue to solve the secrets in the upcoming chapter. Heaven Official’s Blessing Chapter 87 will release this week. No exact date is out yet. However, fans predict that the chapter will come out by December 15, 2022. Fans can catch up on all the chapters on Bilibili comics, Naver and Kakaopage. For more updates on chapter 87, stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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